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Positive that alcohol was the bane of all evil and the main impetus for the fall of morals, members of the Anti-Saloon League and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union created a frenzy that sparked a political movement. A mass of voters demanded the government lead the country in a strong stand of moral leadership.

This brought about the Eighteenth
 – plus... Amendment (Amendment XVIII) of the United Stated Constitution. The Eighteenth Amendment established the prohibition of alcoholic beverages and declared the production, transport, and all sales of liquor illegal.

Despite this effort, the amendment was not successful. Many took the risk of brewing their own alcohol, and suffered the fatal consequence as their lack of expertise resulted in poison. However, gangsters took advantage of the prohibition and made it big with bootlegging and running special establishments, known as speakeasies. Often times, these establishments were known with just a simple logo. They were guarded with concealed entries, and often required secret passwords. This era was the epitome of secrecy and importance of knowing the right people.

XVIII is a cocktail lounge born from this era. Our modern, Al Capone-inspired hangout infuses curious oddities with alluring delicacies. Join us and experience this tantalizing atmosphere created to honor those who risked it all for a good drink.
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