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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Growth-minded business

Even with all my experience in the retail industry, I learn a new thing or two everyday. They train and give you tools and resources to be able to succeed in the company’s work environment.

Points positifs

Uniform is dry-cleaned for the employees for free

Points négatifs

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Fun Colleagues and great clients

Great colleagues always wiling to help supportive management great store hours and opportunity to grow flexible hours opportunity to build strong client relationships
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Top heavy in management

No training, the product was more important than the people. Sales associate were not paid fair. Head office demanded results without support. You work off spreadsheets not in store results. An associate can sell $3000.00 handbags but make minimum wage. No time to train new associates. Head office didnt know the market in Vancouver and didnt care or ask...
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Great Experiences, horrible management

The Montreal branch is runned by entitled and disrespectful people. No proper support when you request help, they play favorites a lot, they will steal hours off from your pay, they will give themselves the first pick for time off as they deny most of the time the rest of the staff. Instead of being leaders to support the team with compassion, respect and understanding they are basically dictators that will micromanage you as they do barely anything.
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An amazing company

I was associated with the company for many years and worked in different markets and in different job profiles and it was one of the most wholesome and rewarding experiences. I just wish they would notice ALL the amazing talent that exists within the company and not just a few.
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Entreprise à l'intérieur de la quelle il est possible d'évoluer et de grandir.

Points positifs

Salaire et avantages sociaux

Points négatifs

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Amazing teams! Amazing job! All you can dream of!!!
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It's all about whatever your journey is about

As a global brand, it is definitely one of the best but their local counter parts have a different work culture and environment that might not be suitable to everyone.
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environnement de travail agréable

debut de Shift généralement vers 9am, fin de journée entre 19h et 22h. super ambiance. Emploi très enrichissant.

Points positifs

bonne ambiance+ primes

Points négatifs

courte pause
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If you love Louis Vuitton, go for it

The management team can certainly improve. Paying including commission, is the lowest among luxury brands. The company cuts cost at everywhere! It makes you feel like you are working at a small family owned company.

Points positifs

carry the brand name

Points négatifs

low pay
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Tres bien

Super bonne entreprise, belle valeurs, entreprise solide
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feel motivated and encouragement to work

They support me and make me grown. I personally like LV brand image and philosophy, I feel encouragement and motivated to work with UVC team !
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Gained extensive knowledge in New Store openings and Team Building.

Was able to receive extensive training in Team Leadership, Inventory tanding Management and Inventory Control. Developed long standing Customer Relations.
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fast paced workplace, Great training opportunity

Very fast paced and demanding workplace. Targets and KPIs are strict…..however achievable. You have to meet your sales targets and be responsible for additional roles aside sales. Lot and lots of tools training provided for your development. management are reasonably supportive

Points positifs

luncheon vouchers, bonus, staff discount

Points négatifs

no overtime paid
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Luxury Retailing

clients were the most enjoyable part of the job as well as the exceptional product.
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