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Grocery Associate21 avis
Canada21 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great for starters.

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This is just decent job for entry level or for fresh starters. Not much responsibility and accountability as long as you look busy, then you are good. The managers are great and mostly accommodating. Most of the tenured worker has high pride (mostly 3 years old and above, apart from starters), these folks are moody and sometimes are unprofessional that could affect the work environment. Overall, it is still a decent job, advancement is impossible if you are not into work politics.

Points positifs

For full-time employees, the benefits and insurance is top notch

Points négatifs

There are old timers that are arrogant, cynical and very political.
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Horrible Place to Work

Longos is a greedy self serving company that does not care about their employees. They choose management not out of qualifications but out of favoritism and who you know. They lie and tell people to transfer stores and they will be promoted and these employees never are. Longos does not care about employees physical and emotional well being and force them to work over their limited capabilities. Employees have been mocked and mistreated for their limited capabilities, management will pretend to care then turn around and talk poorly on the employee at hand. I would not recommend working at Longos to anyone who wants to be happy in the workplace.
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Amazing staff, great opportunity to advance within the TJX family. Equal opportunity employers, fair and kind individuals. Respects me and everyone else who I work with.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Disorganized Communication from Head Office to Store Level

I have worked for several different grocery stores in the past, and what stands out most at Longo's is their promotion of higher standards of quality for the guests, but sadly treats their staff as disposable numbers, despite being told by higher management that "you are the most important part of the store". Remember, as a guest at Longo's, you will experience a nicer store and better product quality, but none of the workers stocking your shelves or cooking your food are paid any better than any other store (mostly all min. wage). Instead, staff is expected to perform better with more stress, higher expectations, all while being trained by either one or more of the following: incompetent managers, disjointed/unclear rules, hypocritical values that do not apply to anyone above Full-Time Clerk positions (managers have their own rules). A typical day at work would include myself performing tasks that were asked to be accomplished while my assistant manager would spend 8 hours doing one order, who also would then give me poor guidance/unclear communication and then blame me if I did not read his mind and do what he was intending, despite the fact that he was verbally/intellectually challenged. The same manager got the half of the department sick because he shakes everyone's hands several times per shift after they finish any task (as if they are children) despite the fact that he was blatantly sick and still showed up to work; he eventually went on to drive a skid into a wall which resulted in hundreds of dollars of damages and hours of time spent to rectify such; all of which - 
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Not a good place to work at

Good company to work for if you are a young female so store managers can start sleeping with the young female and promote the young female to department manager especially in the bakery department.
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Fun work place

great and friendly people, learned a lot and applied my skills to everyday life. Ensured the satisfaction of the customers and always maintained a clean and safe workplace environment.
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Team workplace

Working in Longos makes you work as a team, so you’re always doing something productive. So while ur co worker is finishing up something you start doing something else so u can finish the work faster. It helps you communicate a lot

Points positifs

Nice people

Points négatifs

Short hours
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Great place to work

In a typical day, I would stock the shelves and then face the store along with aiding customers to find their desired products. I learned how to work with many people and this job had a great culture. The hardest part was remembering where all the products go. I really enjoyed working with the other people in my department.
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Fun workplace, nice managers

Good place to work as a student to make money. Managers are nice, but it seems hard to move up in the company. Also a lot of the full time workers are uneducated and is not the best atmosphere to be exposed to as a kid.
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Porductive, Lots to learn, Amazing Mnagement

Longos is a very organized establishment. They give you the tools you need to succeed. There is alot of room for growth. The culture is the greatest i have experienced anywhere. Your voice is always herd. Communication is great as everyone is always up to spead with new procedures and information. Makes you want to give the best you can.
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It's really whatever. Most people are either part-timers as students or full-time adults. Everyone is friendly but there a large gap between the two groups. Everyone wishes they weren't there.
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Cashier experience

I really enjoyed working as a cashier at Longo's. I stayed at the store for two and a half years because I really enjoyed the work environment and really enjoyed the customer service aspect of the job.

Points positifs

Customer service experience

Points négatifs

Long hours
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A fun environment

It was interesting & fun to work in the grocery department. The other employees & management were always nice as well as helpful when learning new things.
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fun people to work w/ learned to be a better manager respectful fun/hardworker very demanding physicaly/mentally the result in the end of the hard days at work. t

Points positifs

great bonus and benefits

Points négatifs

long hours, physically/mentally stressful
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Grocery Clerk

Employees are great to get along with. Managers don't do anything. Upper management even worse. I've been in the business for over 20 years and one of the worst I've seen

Points positifs

Friendly employees

Points négatifs

Be prepared to work till 10 o'clock every night
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family-oriented workplace

we treat each other as family. The owners are quite nice and approachable. Our managers are friendly and they do not boss us around too much especially when they see us doing our job right.

Points positifs

good benefits

Points négatifs

less hours
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Food Clerk

Helped stock items and checkout purchases for customers. Dealt with a variety of types of customers. Developed excellent communication and leadership skills crucial for any work environment.
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Overall great place to work

I liked working at Longo's. Everyday was more or less exciting. I had cheerful co-workers and was able to connect well with everyone. The only problem is that i had a hard time getting the hours that I needed.

Points positifs

all of my co-workers including managers were down to earth

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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Productive Workplace

Updated online grocery fliers. Interacted with employees daily. Aided in acquiring missing information for specific items.
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excellent customer service

what I like about Longos is that they have an excellent customer service .They always give priority to customers.Also they have a very good salad bar and bakery .everything is always fresh.
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family work environment

fast paced work stocking product and facing the store department managers are awsome to work with co-workers were awsome
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