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Customer Service Representative63 avis
Canada63 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Its alright. Team is fine. Good as a skill building job. Management is fine; but if inconvenience in anyway (ei. Calling in sick), can cause tension. Have to talk to the right people for advancement.
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Good Place

It was a great place to work everyone was friendly and the management was great and the pay was even better what more can you ask for from a job. Plus the customers were saints.
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Typical "you are like family" job

Worked there for a year and realized that the family they meant was filled with neglect and disinterest. The job was slow, pay was low, and there was limited opportunities for any increase in position or pay. The store managers were rude to staff and not understanding of employee's personal lives. For a minimum wage job there are better places to work.
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Fun and nice place to work

Happy place with happy coworkers, Typical day starts and ends depending on your schedule as they are so flexible in scheduling also you wont be stressed or hurried in work.ideal for students searching for part time
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Neat and Clean and Friendly environment

The Workplace is really friendly and communication is very effective and transparent . Recognizes all employees and creates a diverse workplace......
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Lovely people, lifelong friends

Great management, great people. Not much room for advancement as a part-timer and any "advancement" did not come with a pay raise which was ridiculous as many more duties were expected.
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Fun workplace with amazing people

Amazing to work in for a summer job for a student. Great people, great experience. Very fast paced work environment. Senior staff with help with anything.
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A Typical Grocery Store Job with Good Management

Better Management than other grocery stores. Had a good vibe and respected other employees. Overall one of the better jobs I had and pushed me to work.

Points positifs

Good Managment

Points négatifs

Lots of Work
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a fun work place with bar and restaurant

A fast placed and well managed enjoy to work with my team and the most enjoyable part of the job interacting with customer and solving customer issues
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Manager not friendly

They says we treat you like family but manager needs to learn this first. They don’t care about their team members no one treat you like family. Manager does whatever they wants don’t understand another team member.
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First Job

Decent place for a first job. Quickly learn how to manage time wisely, stock and manage food correctly and how to interact with customers on a frequent basis. Nice environment with a great crew and manager.
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Owner & Management are good

Owners and Management are good I met 2 kinds of dept. managers: 1st #givers- valued your effort, loyalty and dedication to grow and help you to succeed to become one of them 2nd #takers- not recognizing your hard work, sales you give to the department( most compliments on their behalf) valued those who are lazy taking frequent breaks i fall on the 2nd# LOL
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Customer service (Buggy boy)

I like this job its fun and all but if there was one thing I would like to say that they overstaffed everyone and I can barely get a shift. I get at least if I'm lucky 1 shift. the pay is good when you have shifts to do and its a holiday but it gets harder for you to be able to afford things since I don't get enough shifts. overall a good experience with the staff and managers honestly would recommend to a friend.
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Great Job secutirity

Its always nice to come to work and see all your coworkers or customers that you really like. Its like working with family. Longo's also has a really good training system, 5 fun questions a day instead of a huge pdf to read.
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Family Welcoming

Great environment. best staff assistance. Benefits are great. Work around your Schedule. Customers are all happy and satisfied with work environment. Overall ok.

Points positifs

Good Benefits

Points négatifs

People who there longer get priority over you
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Ups and Downs

Working at Longo's for 3 years and still currently working there part time, its a descent job to make extra cash. the management at my first store location was not the greatest that's why i moved to another location and followed my manger of the front end. she was the best manager i could have asked for!
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Customer Service

Talking to customers checking out goods training new employ great work place awesome team nothing was hard dealing with customerand coworkers and team

Points positifs

no Free lunch

Points négatifs

long hours but enjoybale
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At customer service, you are recognized by customers and coworkers much higher than as a cashier, therefore when a problem occurs each individual knows who to ask for help with trust that they will be able to answer. I learned how to deal with unhappy customers as well as enhance my communication skills when talking to people. Management is good with a balance of personable and strict attitude towards employees. The hardest part of the job was dealing with coworkers and managers due to the unorganized scheduling, it was very frustrating when I booked off time for any personal reason and then they decline it without knowing and ending up with a shift that day. most enjoyable part was building relationships with loyal customers that would come in daily as well as the positive environment.
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I was randomly assigned a position I didn't even apply for. Expect to be pretty much ignored by your co workers including management, especially if you are working outside. The most enjoyable part of the job was using My juul in the bathroom . Managers dont care about you and think just because they are a weird litteclose knit italian community working in a store together that you are just so blessed to be working ffor them.

Points positifs

easy work

Points négatifs

cold management, not really a employee discount or benefit
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An amazing work space for a first job

Longos was and is a great company to work for, as long as it's your first job. If you want to work in a great environment that will teach you the basics with how a business is run and how to handle and deal with the public this job is for you.

Points positifs

Great Staff

Points négatifs

Rude customers
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Fun Place to Work

Working at Longo's has been a valuable experience for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have grown immensely since starting at Longo's five years ago and have created many amazing friendships that I hope to continue beyond my time with the company
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