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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Court pause
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This place sucks

This place has the crappiest management and the worst bosses i’ve ever experienced. The management especially the cashier boss is very disrespectful and rude

Points positifs

Co workers are fun to talk to

Points négatifs

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Barista Job

Typical i would make same drinks over and over again and it is either super busy or super dead. Management doesn't want you to do nothing even if there are no customers.
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Hours are awful

Even with open availability I was only working 2 or 3 days a week, no where near enough hours so I chose to get another job, after that my hours tanked it was almost like they were punishing me for taking another job. It was the same when I would take time off. The following week I would only have one maybe 2 shifts.

Points positifs

Awesome co-workers

Points négatifs

Low hours, pay, management
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Never work at Longos! Not a good place to work.

I used to work there and quit i because I really started to hate it there. The managers are only nice to you when you do them "favors" then in return they mistreat you. I don't want my niece working there. EVER.

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Points négatifs

Long hours
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Fun and nice place to work

Happy place with happy coworkers, Typical day starts and ends depending on your schedule as they are so flexible in scheduling also you wont be stressed or hurried in work.ideal for students searching for part time
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Good connections with fellow staff, poor management and executive team

Overall at Longo's you can expect to be treated decently. Team members are especially kind and supportive of one another. Management leaves more to be desired. The company is desperate for managers, so they are often inexperienced or unqualified. As well the quality of workplace is heavily dependent on the quality of your manager; bad manager, bad work environment.Their pay is not very competitive. They strive very hard to limit the amount of full time staff, and fill the ranks with part-timers they can pay less, and not give benefits to. I and many others, work full time hours but are "part-timers" that receive no benefits.In terms of workhours, the company has been cutting dramatically in the last few months. If you are a part timer, some get full time hours (like myself) and some only 10 per week. If you are an hourly full time worker, don't expect get more than 37 hours a week. If you are a salary worker, you will need to work 48+ hours a week to keep your department running. Store managers are expected to work over 50 hours a week.In the end, I would say this about Longo's: I used to recommend it as a place to work, now I tell people to look elsewhere.

Points positifs

Typically positive and friendly experience with colleagues

Points négatifs

Executive team disconnected from their staff
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Neat and Clean and Friendly environment

The Workplace is really friendly and communication is very effective and transparent . Recognizes all employees and creates a diverse workplace......
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Great place to work

Longo's has a good atmosphere, great staff and you can really move up in the company if you choose by showing strong initiative! overall great place to work.

Points positifs

great team

Points négatifs

management can be messy
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Really find it a family oriented place to work and mgmt always takes time to listen. Would reccomend company to work for full.or part time. Only downfall in driving position is WINTER driving .
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Productive and outgoing place to work if you like dealing with people

I worked at longos for a year, I left because of personal reason but I can honestly say that the team member at liberty village Toronto is literally the best. Customer service manage and assistant managers treat you like family and they stick up for you . Just do what your suppose to do and say hi to everyone and you will be just fine !

Points positifs

GreT team members Free food sometimes lol

Points négatifs

Standing all shift except for breaks
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okay place to work

management favourites employes, doesn't care about your availability will schedule you whatever works for them. if you are not one of the favourites they will not care about you and will always tell you that you are doing things wrong. if you are a new employee they will make you feel like an outsider. there is always drama that is happening. young teens are running the front end and don't care about anything. you get shorter breaks then normal if you work front end
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Lovely people, lifelong friends

Great management, great people. Not much room for advancement as a part-timer and any "advancement" did not come with a pay raise which was ridiculous as many more duties were expected.
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Overall a good place to work

I took orders from customers for their custom cakes, I baked and designed the cakes. I took care of cleaning my station and making sure everything is presented the right way to the customers. I enjoyed my time carrying out these tasks.
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Longo's = WORST place to work - Full of Misogynist/Incompetent Managerss

As a 4th year University student I worked part-time at Longo's for 5 months and it was the worst experience I have ever had. I am a Law major and I hope one day to use my skills to help current employees find justice against the misogynist, incompetent and "creepy" managers they have working at all their stores. I would say 90% of the stores have these "type" of Managers after speaking with other employees. What is shocking is that they are never held accountable for their actions which clearly shows this is the culture of the company and it stems from the Head Office down. The CEO should be ashamed of himself for condoning the environment he has created, as it is not a healthy, equitable and fair environment. Nothing is done to address the abusive "ego" minded treatment towards employees; you have no choice but to quit or suffer. Fortunately I was able to quit and I found another job related to my field, however, I advise anyone with any sense of self respect to never even consider working at Longo's and for the women/young girls to find the courage to fight against the misogynistic attitudes of the men who should of not only been fired years ago, but charged with abuse and harassment. NOTE: during COVID it is even worse, they don't enforce staff to wear their masks and the Manager of my store would always wear it on his chin and mock those who were concerned about the protocols.

Points positifs

No Pros

Points négatifs

Everything - incompetent Managers/staff and misogynist culture
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Longos is a great place and you feel like a family member when working there

Working at longos has been an amazing experience, since I started I was welcomed in by all the friendly staff and the great customers. The job was always fun and it made you want to come into work.
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Fun workplace with amazing people

Amazing to work in for a summer job for a student. Great people, great experience. Very fast paced work environment. Senior staff with help with anything.
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Long hours, either super busy or super dead

Worked as a cashier for about half of a year. Most of the job was pretty straightforward and it was busy at peak times, especially since construction was happening in the area. The customers were some of the most entitled and rude people I have ever met, especially during the switchover to charging for plastic bags. People would throw a fit because of 20 cents of plastic bags on a 400 dollar order. My experience with my manager was pretty terrible, and the reason that I actually left the job was because I had a negative interaction with a customer despite maintaining my composure, and when she brought me into the office to talk and I explained what happened she told me that "You must have done something wrong, he is usually such a nice guy!" I understand that in front of the customer you have to act like they are not the jerk but in private I would have hoped that she would stand up for me and agree.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Management, no opportunity for advancement, super dead at times
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Family oriented, collabrative work enviroment

Longo's provides continuous learning opportunities, they're open to suggestions no matter what title you hold and will implement procedures in order to better the company and work environment for employees. They offer a great benefits package and consistently look for ways to improve conditions for not only employees but their families as well.

Points positifs

Collabrative, organized and continuously improving conditions as they see fit.

Points négatifs

Working rotating shifts and weekends
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Flexable hours

They are good with giving you the hours you are able to work at. During school, they understood I wasn't going to be able to work anytime because of school.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Gets really busy at times
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A Typical Grocery Store Job with Good Management

Better Management than other grocery stores. Had a good vibe and respected other employees. Overall one of the better jobs I had and pushed me to work.

Points positifs

Good Managment

Points négatifs

Lots of Work
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