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What are the hours

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  • As a student deli worker, you would get 2-3 shifts during the week from 4pm-10pm and one shift on either Saturday or Sunday from 10am-8pm. If you are doing a closing shift (Like the ones given to students) you may have to stay an extra 30 minutes after each shift to clean.

  • Depending on your department, time of year, and emplyoment status (i.e part-time, full-time).
    As a part-timer I had between 4 and 16 hours per week.

  • Typical works hours are anywhere from 5-10 hours a day

  • Hours Fluxuate Constantly

  • For a part time employee like myself I usually worked 2-3 days a week. An average weekday shift can range from 4-10 or 5-10 but note the store closes at 10 so you meed to finish clean up so sometimes you are there until 10:30 or longer. Weekends you would either open in which your shift starts at 6:30am and usually goes to 2 or 3. If working a double weekend you will finish at 12 or 12:30. In the afternoon, your shift ranges from starting from 12:00-3:00 a minimum of five hours worked until 8:00 plus clean up

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