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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Longo's?

5 réponses

  • If I were a manager I would fire racist people especially if they are managers too like Assistant manager in meat department at Thornhill,

  • Your managers are robbing you blind .... they get paid whether they work or not .... don't have their hours count towards available department hours ... watch the live feed cameras see how many managers actually work the hours they are getting paid for

  • Allow more flexible schedules for Moms with young children ie option to no work till close and same for more senior adults

  • In my own opinion I wouldn't change anything differently because the way my manger has it is great, the only thing I would change would be posting the shifts early to help my employees work their monthly schedule out better

  • Better department and store managers, encourage customers to be nicer and more respectful

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