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Entirely different culture working in the pharmacy vs. working on the floor. Greater autonomy and a more positive teamwork setting in the pharmacy. More enjoyable tasks as well.
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Great for job security, internal development, and schedule flexibility

Stable employment with hours flexibility in working across different positions and departments within the store level, with opportunities for advancement and career development to go beyond the store level. The wages and benefits aren't as competitive compared to other retailers and competitors, given the size of the company, and this would be an area for improvement for them
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Loved my manager

I didn't mind the work. I liked my team and there was a connection with the patients. Of course, no store is the same and that goes for the team. The main reason I stayed for as long as I did was because I had major respect for my manager (J.Kim) . Always tried to make everything work for his staff. Unfortunately, the pay was pretty much minimum wage, and putting so much time in a company that does not care much about the compensation given to their employees was the main reason I left. Understandably so, but unfortunate.Good experience, but not long-term. Stepping stone to move on.
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I’m actually not very happy with how they do the reviews, they’re actually not very fair they pick out a few things find a tire year and downgrade you so you don’t get your bonus which is about 10% of what the review is worth and forget about the 90% on how great and how great you perform at your job
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Okay company to work for. They don't compensate well though

Pay to begin with is minimum wage but increases the longer you are employed with them. Management changes every couple of years so you could have good Management but then have a mandatory change.
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Productive and easy going place to work

Excellent work environment and great Management! Pay is on the lower side. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They have a lot of incentives for staff.
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OverAll good place. Management almost anyone can become which is annoying. The supervsior definitely do not get paid enough for what they do. But everything else seemed fine
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Good place to work

It was a very busy environment. We had good staff working with us. The store was open almost every day of the year. Working hours on Sundays and holidays were very long. But it was a good place to work.

Points positifs

Staff discount

Points négatifs

Open almost every day of the year
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Good for part time

Photolab can be a good side job if you have another income. No special improvement just getting an MIT position and being manager which doesn’t pay well at all.
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fun and helpful work environment

Great place to work. Lots of opportunity to advance if you work hard and are willing to cover peoples shifts. Great management to work with but could pick favorites
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productive and a fun work place

i love working here as I can see my career growth. i started as stock service and worked my way up to being a Sales Price Coordinator to Sales Administrator and now as a Payroll Administrator in just 1 year and 7 months.
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Overall it's okay

Im ex-employee of the company, i felt like I am being underpaid for the duties and work I am doing, their training is not in depth, they expect you to know all by showing it once, and you are assign to do hundreds of task.

Points positifs

Good company name

Points négatifs

Very low pay
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It was good

If you have mental issues mention after interview and they care about your mental health. Don’t be scared to mention to management if they aren’t using proper tone or kind words. I stood up when it was necessary as no manager should mistreat you

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Hours got cut
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Don’t settle. Work where you get treated fairly.

I don’t enjoy working here at all. There is a clear lack of care for anyones mental health in this workplace and it makes me quite sad. The only good thing is the friends I have made here. Some managers do not care about you and your wellbeing, nor do they care about your improvement or growth at all. Some managers are great, but they are hard to find. A lot of the time, people use their positions of power to bully and put you down. I feel unsafe coming in to work. I don’t know if this company truly cares about it’s employees at all, especially it’s young ones, because they continue to enable this behaviour. I would not recommend, unless you can know for sure the managers are kind and you will be treated fairly. I have faith my experience is not the same for everyone. But the location I work at needs to get better, because it really starts to impact you after awhile.
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Great place

I have enjoyed working for this company, it allows you to balance work and school. Managers can be flexible when it comes with scheduling. There is a good culture here
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Fun but not enough money to pay your bills

I liked the people who worked at the locations where I've been to. Very disorganized management structure, micromanagement style. You have to work on weekends.
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Good tech position if you are interested in the field Retail experience Camera experience Printing experience Decent management depending on deptartment and location
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fast paced and learning opportunity

Lot of opportunity to learn especially for fresh grad or off from high school; good spring board but do not invest your time here. Customers are generally nice and give you opportunity to networking with clients.
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Overall, a great experience

Overall, LD is a very good company to work for. I was generally treated fairly and with respect. The money wasn't amazing, but it was slightly better than for similar positions with other employers.I worked in a technical department doing sales. I noticed that there was a LOT of nepotism in the management of these departments across the chain. My department manager had a brother, a brother-in-la and a sister-ib-law who all worked in management at various LD locations. His father and uncle had previously been department managers at LD. So advancing into a department management position might be harder than you expect.

Points positifs

They provide more breaks than required by law, The employee discount was helpful.

Points négatifs

No uniforms provided, they were available for purchase, Raises over several years were minimal, Management plays favourites.
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Position is generally good, but corporate goalposts and cryptic pay scales leave a sour taste.

Generally my time with London Drugs has been positive. Most staff are nice, and the company is accepting of all peoples. However as I progress through managment it becomes clear how missaligned corporate directs feel and how this affects managment leaves a lot to be desired. I have experienced entirely impossible goals that directly effect my income. As a part time employee, pay tiers and wage increases are plain to see. However once you move to managment they no longer inform you what it takes to progress, or what you can even progress to. London Drugs provides many opportunites for managers to develop coaching skills, but yet they do not supply you the tools to train or opperate your store. Getting the information required to properly train staff can sometimes be very difficult, and this increases as London Drugs continues to bleed its experienced staff to higher paying jobs.
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Very caring and customer oriented workplace.

The experience while working with London Drugs was excellent never had any issues. They listen to your concerns and address them with due diligence. It was very pleasant time working with London Drugs.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Little underpaid
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