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What should you wear to an interview at London Drugs?

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  • Comfortable clothes because you would be putting away stuff on shelfs and bending lots . And dress if you are going to visit that special someone in your life.

  • Listen to their issue and problems regarding products and customers. I ll give them an opportunity to solve their problems and try to find out new ways to convince the customers to come back to the store. Make sur the store is safe and there is no accidents. Being a customer friend they will always come back and try remember there names.

  • Comfortable clothes because it give me confidence

  • Tie and jacket

  • Casual dress

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  • Shod look wearing nice clothes and look pretty Be

  • I think shod wering nice and pretty clothing

  • Don't bother going, save yourself from the stress unless your looking for a temporary job, go in and see what they are wearing and wear similar. No point dressing up that much, it's a joe job anybody can do it.

  • No specific dress code for interview. I wear just casual stuff.

  • Formal wear.

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  1. What should you wear to an interview at London Drugs?