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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez London Drugs?

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Treat people like other companies do. Offer them guaranteed hours and benefits.people do have families to support.. no wonder london has such a high turnover. Jobs here are only good for students

The good worker are the main pillars of every company. I ll try to communicate with my all workers and listen to their issue and problems regarding products and customers. I ll give them an opportunity to solve their problems and try to find out new ways to convince the customers behalf on their skills and experiences. I ll always appreciate their efforts.

I would concentrate on making prices more affordable to attract more customers while still making the profit margin

That's a tough call because retail is a tough call. I wouldn't trade places with Clint right now.
Here's a thought though: streamline the multiple on-line order systems into one seamless program, from website to box. (They may have already done this).

Motivate staff a little more, have mangers stay at a store longer.

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