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  • Weed out the unprofessional management who spends most of their time sitting in the office, snacking and gossip about the employees. Management should be busy training and motivating employees Instead of playing unproductive games that breed contempt and toxic work environment.

  • Vastly improve the management training (way too many people in positions of responsibility currently that simply do not know or care about what they're doing), reduce the toxicity in the workplace and hire people who aren't mindless sheep.

  • Great questions London drugs is great store.

  • Solve the customer problems to make them to come back.

  • I would well come the customer in the store. If they want to know anything was I would point them in the right direction.

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  • Treat people like other companies do. Offer them guaranteed hours and benefits.people do have families to support.. no wonder london has such a high turnover. Jobs here are only good for students

  • The good worker are the main pillars of every company. I ll try to communicate with my all workers and listen to their issue and problems regarding products and customers. I ll give them an opportunity to solve their problems and try to find out new ways to convince the customers behalf on their skills and experiences. I ll always appreciate their efforts.

  • I would concentrate on making prices more affordable to attract more customers while still making the profit margin

  • That's a tough call because retail is a tough call. I wouldn't trade places with Clint right now.
    Here's a thought though: streamline the multiple on-line order systems into one seamless program, from website to box. (They may have already done this).

  • Motivate staff a little more, have mangers stay at a store longer.

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  1. Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez London Drugs?