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    Vente au détail et en gros
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Sales Administrator/Customer Service Representative in Vancouver, BC
le 7 février 2021
Great experience but not a great working schedule
Working at London Drugs was a great experience for me as I was a new immigrant to Canada, but the scheduling wasn’t good and some people are not interested in training you nicely.I also want to mention that not each branch has the good management team. Some locations they have their own favorite employees.
le 11 mars 2021
When you could be standing outside the manager's office and can hear a conversation between the manager and assistant manager, about you, and who else could hear this? Something is wrong... Very wrong. ( Close the door!!!!) The atmosphere when this happened was out of this world. Who do I trust???
Sales in Vancouver Island, BC
le 9 février 2021
Steadily becoming more toxic by the minute.
I used to excel at my job but since the senior management (Executive level) has changed, it has become more and more toxic top down over the last 10-15 years or so and become very unsatisfying to work there. You will only ascend to a higher level within the corporate structure if you're white. Most store level managers are either good at their jobs but under such severe stress and pressure that they lose interest, burn out or leave. All other management are either not well suited for the position or know how to manipulate the system to make themselves look good. Hiring practices over the years have become extremely one-sided leaning heavily towards filtering out anyone with self-drive, entrepreneurism or strong leadership qualities. The vast majority of new hires are mindless sheep unfortunately but fit well within the top-down "do as your told" management structure that has taken hold sine the new COO was installed. Daily stress is very high. Tasks never seem to get done and the attitude of "I just don't care" is pervasive amongst staff. It is really too bad too as LD used to be such a wonderful company to work for. Now, you find that if you've made it through your shift without crying or swearing, it was a good day.
Supervisor in Calgary, AB
le 6 février 2021
Just not a great company to work for if you are not white.
Overall it’s a great company but a lot of nepotism when it comes to advertisement and promotions. Plus now a days the work load on employees is unbearable.everyone try to pass the ball to someone else.
Cashier/Customer Service in Vancouver, BC
le 1 février 2021
Decent workplace
Worked there as I was going to college. Not something I would recommend people do for a long time as their pay scale is low and it's hard to move up in the company.
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What does customer service mean to you?

Publié le 7 septembre 2017

I was not given many interview questions, as I was only a student. Instead of asking me questions, they gave me a brief rundown of questions I would normally be asked, which I no longer remember.

Publié le 31 mai 2017

Why did you apply for this position? What sorts of skills do you have that would be a valuable asset to the workplace?

Publié le 11 mai 2017
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