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This may be biased only cause I’m new and just started..

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I’ve only been at the new City Market for 1-2 months. Got hired on the spot and 2 months prior to grand opening but overall the job it is very easy, tangible and just common sense. Management and colleagues are great, very kind and friendly. I’d say it’s a good work environment compared to old grocery store job that I left cause the pay was so bad but here it makes my life a lot easier only con I’d say is I just wish the hours were more solid rather than scattered around and random. Personally I would recommend working here.

Points positifs

Good management, colleagues and good work environment.

Points négatifs

Not very solid working hours random.
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Fast paced but reliable hours and friendly coworkers.

Worst part was definitely entitled, rude, customers and the fact that we were expected to deal with them in a friendly manner even when not being treated with respect. My manager in the deli was absolutely incredible however, she made sure she treated every one of her employees and colleagues with respect and never made them feel inferior. Always made sure to attempt to work the schedule around every one of her employees personal lives and executed it beautifully.

Points positifs

Caring and understanding department management.

Points négatifs

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One of the worst jobs I've had to date

Unprofessional management. Overworked & understaffed: many were fired for not being able to keep up. I (and many others) quit due to high pressure & low compensation. Some department managers were friendly, though asked far to much of individual employees. Many promoted from within, with little to no leadership experience or ability. Store managers nearly exclusively hired from outside with little to no service experience, which made it very hard to communicate difficulties, much less be heard.Little to no concern with "the human element," after long enough occasional free lunches felt like they were just keeping up appearances. Very strong sense of elitism between departments as well as in seniority and hierarchal structure.Have witnessed others be yelled at by angry managers over a wide range of issues, mainly misunderstandings, with no apology or corrective action upon reports. Personally have experienced aggression, such as being yelled at by non-superior co-workers (though not supervisors or managers), with no action being taken by management to address issue.Despite good relationships with certain co-workers, supervisors, and managers, I found myself needing to resign do to an overall toxic environment and extremely uncompetitive compensation, which especially did not keep up with inflation/cost of living, especially as PT wage increases were hard-capped below $18 at the time, minimum wage being about $15 at the time. Co-workers that had worked there for nearly 10 years longer than I were still only making about $2/hour more than I by the time I had worked two and - 

Points positifs

Occasional free lunches, Union protections (although found to be lacking)

Points négatifs

Long inconsistent hours, Unprofessional managerial practices, Uncompetitive compensation AND Limited pay scale, High turnover rate, Lack of cost of living increases, Low discount (10%)
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Store Description

Out of all the places and companies I have worked for. I would recommend loblaws to everyone. There is more cons about the job but its the people who are amazing and (some) mangers are worth the job, not all. The workplace culture is even, no racism. A typical work day for me was serving & cleaning, nothing I found hard. I will say the hardest part of the job is not having enough hours, and being expected to do more then what your being paid to do. But the enjoyable part for me was the people and doing what I love! And the customers were great! I had my favourites!

Points positifs

Free Food, Monthly Contest, Parties & The People/ Dept Mangers

Points négatifs

Favouritism, Over-Worked, Underpaid, Hours & No benefits (until 2-3 years)
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Good laid back position

Generally good work environment, can get boring when there isn’t much left to do. Unfortunately not many hours to go around so you won’t work that often
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If you value your self worth then just don't

*As part time you may get 40 hours one week and 8, 4 or even 0 the next.*In order to get a livable amount of hours, be prepared to cross train in multiple depts. This will also mean closing a dept. one night and then opening another the next morning on a regular basis.*Raises are sad and pathetic. Maybe 5 or 10 cents here and there.*The staff that do get hours are in tears most times due to constant cuts in dept. hours. This usually means only one person working a VERY busy counter with zero help.*If you're a hard worker, always on time and never call in, you WILL be taken advantage of. If you're not then you can get away with practically anything.*Full time positions are so rare they're practically non existent. And even IF one becomes available you usually need at least 5 years with the company to even compete with others who have waited as long if not longer.I could go on but I'm too exhausted from closing an extremely busy deli dept, on my own, on a Saturday night, the night before Christmas eve.

Points positifs

Co workers

Points négatifs

Almost everything else
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Lack of communication from store managers and asms

If you get a good department manager you're good. The lack of communication from the higher ups makes the job hard. They make record profits but continually cut hours from depts.
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I enjoy it

Working at a deli can be a unique and dynamic experience, offering a blend of challenges and rewards. Deli employees are responsible for a variety of tasks, including food preparation, customer service, and maintaining a clean and organized work environment.One of the most defining aspects of working at a deli is the fast-paced nature of the job. Delis are often busy, especially during lunch hours, and employees must work efficiently to meet customer demand. This fast pace can be both exhilarating and stressful, but it keeps the workday interesting.Interacting with customers is a significant part of the job. Deli employees help customers select and weigh their preferred meats and cheeses, prepare sandwiches, and offer recommendations. Good customer service skills are essential in creating a positive experience for customers.Food safety and hygiene are top priorities in a deli, and employees must adhere to strict regulations to ensure the safety of the products and the health of the customers. Additionally, deli workers must be knowledgeable about the different types of meats, cheeses, and other products they offer.Despite the challenges, working at a deli can be a satisfying job. You get to hone your multitasking abilities, improve your customer service skills, and gain knowledge about various deli products. The camaraderie among deli staff is often strong, making it a supportive and enjoyable work environment for those who thrive in a bustling, customer-oriented setting.
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I would not work there ever again!

What is the best part of working at the company?You need some nice people and make some friends What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Having to figure out who gets your schedule when you can’t work and they won’t help you.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The work environment is terrible. I don’t respect your school schedule the schedules are NOT FLEXIBLE!What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful having to deal with work that manager should have done as well as doing the work you’re required to do.
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Not a great environment.

Management left me questioning what I was supposed to do on a daily basis, trainer left me alone a majority of the time. I learned nothing working at Loblaws... The workplace culture was extremely toxic, and the hardest part about the job was a constant change in day-to-day tasks.

Points positifs

1 hour lunch, 2 breaks

Points négatifs

Hours were way too long for a student.
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Fun colleagues

Loblaws is a fun place to work because of the people. The job itself is whatever, but the people is what makes it difficult to leave. Great environment, clean and memorable
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Productive and fun workplace

The work place is fun and you get to learn some interpersonal skills and time management. But the pay is low considering the fact the amount of work they expect us to do. Overall, its a great place to work.
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Bad experience

Good place to work at the beginning, Management is bad and they act like absolute children , The cleanliness is absolutely terrible Gets worse and worse as you stay.
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It's a good start after graduating from high-school if you need work experience for future jobs you want to apply to. However, they do not give a lot of work hours which sucks
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Decent place to start

Working at superstore has rather been enjoyable. Decent benefits, friendly coworkers and managers. Though barely any room for advancement. There are some pay increases hut only by a few cents and must be achieved by working a set amount of hours.
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worst job i’ve ever had

rude to new employees and won’t give any time off until you’ve worked there for over a year. employees with more seniority won’t bother to even learn your name and keep employees around that are awful just because they’ve worked there for a long time. wouldn’t suggest this job to anyone
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the loblaw i worked in was run very poorly, with management being very gossip and rude

the loblaw i worked in was not very professional all the way from the store manager to the majority of department managers. managers would go into the managers office and literally watch youtube videos or gossiping and would come out to the department in the last few minutes to check if we were good. if complaint to store manager, you would get treated so much worse
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Great entry level job. Flexible hours with school. Appreciated the support I got from coworkers and other management. Training was well developed and hardly worked alone.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Not bad

Was okay job - pay was badManagement not really supportive - was really a us vs them situation at all times.Expected more from such a big company. Lots of food waste too.

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Typical retail job

Absolute minimum to start and a tragically slow progression thereafter. Worked for a caustic, sarcastic manger who showed disrespect and contempt. Sad
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Loblaw is no place to advance in life and management at the store i was at sucked. Especially people takin smack aboit each other was consistent all the time idk why.
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Deli Associate chez Loblaw

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