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Pay is one of the best, but the higher ups micromanage until no end. If you can stand management, then the pay is decent enough to live off of. You really need to be on everyone's good side to be given shifts.
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Not a good place to work

I did not like Working at Superstore. I felt overworked like an irrelevant cog in the machine. I dreaded going to work and felt emotionally and physically drained after a long 8 hours of standing on my feet, taking customers complaints. Furthermore, despite a year of employment, and consistently working hard, my manager never even knew me by name.
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Fine job, easy to navigate but have to train yourself in a lot of aspects. Can be difficult with customers but it’s fine. I
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fun place

I enjoyed it a lot would go working there again. people are lame and trash so don't expect much from them. the job is easy so don't stress too hard on what to do.
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Easy but repetitive work

What is the best part of working at the company?Grocery discount, 4 hour shifts available, easy to learnWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Rude customers , difficult manager
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fun job

was fun management can be bad at times overall good place to work and make new friends.most customers are friendly and its a fast paced environment..other employees are fun to be around
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Decent but repetitive

Its a good place to work but the job can feel too repetitive. There are a lot of cashiers whose english is little week and sometimes the training team can get rude with them.
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It was a fun prodcutive place to work as a cashier, however volume of customer can get to be a lot. There is also a lot of people in the morning on weekends and register can get busy.
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No hours

im only in high school but thwerw is people who have been working here for years and get like 1-2 shifts a week. how are we suppoused to live off that pay
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It's your typical minimum wage job

It's your typical minimum wage job. It's nice to work with customers and management is there if you need help dealing with tough customers. You get 15 minute breaks and lunch.
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Pretty ok

Alright, so here's the lowdown on this gig: not too shabby! It's your run-of-the-mill customer service deal, nothing too out of the ordinary. The vibe is pretty chill, which is always a plus, and the flexibility? Top-notch. Need to switch up your schedule? No sweat. Overall, a solid choice if you're looking for a laid-back customer service gig where you can still have a life outside of work.
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Enjoyed working here

I enjoyed working at the location i was at, managers were friendly and nice. Co workers were also friendly, i didn’t have any problems working here. Only downside is a lot of it the hiring is part time; so you really don’t get a chance at full time hours unfortunately
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Work environment

Love to work as a cashier. Very friendly environment. Everyone working there is so helpful. Provides lots of opportunities for building up future.
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What is the best part of working at the company?leaving, leaving is the best part of working for loblawsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?the stress comes when your paycheck comes in and you still can’t pay rentWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?isolating and mind numbing. horrible management What is a typical day like for you at the company?i can’t answer this im trying to suppress that part of my memories
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horrible workplace

A typical day at work involves operating a cash register, scanning items, handling payments, and providing excellent customer service. Cashiers may also be responsible for bagging items, answering customer inquiries, and maintaining a clean and organized work station.During the job, you may learn various skills such as cash handling, point-of-sale system operation, and customer service techniques. Cashiers may also develop time management and multitasking abilities, as the job often requires balancing multiple tasks and responsibilities.Management at Loblaws may provide training, support, and guidance to help cashiers perform their job effectively. Cashiers may have opportunities for career advancement within the company, and Loblaws may offer employee benefits and perks such as discounts on merchandise and flexible scheduling.The workplace culture at Loblaws is likely to be team-oriented and customer-focused, with a focus on providing a positive shopping experience for customers. Cashiers may work closely with other team members, such as stockers and supervisors, to ensure smooth store operations.The hardest part of the job may be standing for long periods of time, as cashiers are often required to remain on their feet for their entire shift. Cashiers may also need to deal with challenging customer interactions, such as handling difficult customer complaints or managing long lines during busy periods.
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Good short term

It's a good job if you're looking for something short-term. Got lucky with a fun and supportive team, but I definitely don't see myself working there for the long run.
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Fine Job, intense for the pay

it was fine. A paycheck is a paycheck. They kind of have you under a microscope which is wild for the pay. Join the back if you're looking to move up. Customers are so rude lmao.
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Zehrs is …

Fast pace and busy that there’s a lot of favouritism, ex. Giving hours to someone else who has less seniority than you. When you go to stand up for yourself the management don’t want to listen.

Points positifs

Pay checks

Points négatifs

Too much favouritism, the management only cares for themselves
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The manager was very cool but very busy ,hardly met with everyone on everyday

The system was going.I feel they lack people. They probably need more people at customer service. Customers are friendly, hardest part of job is to deal with customers asking for promotions at checkout. Nothing much difficult . Only problem I found is small shifts for part time employees

Points positifs

Well decorated

Points négatifs

Short shifts
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Not a good place to work- depends upon the management and co- worker

-> young co-workers are good and helpful but the place where I worked there were a lot of old ladies who were too crooked and behave badly.-> Pay is minimum and don't expect much hours while starting
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Good first job

Taught me customer service skills and whatnot, was a good first job to have. Wouldn’t do it again but I learned a lot of time management and how to adapt quickly.
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Cashier chez Loblaw

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