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Cambridge, ON240 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Tough, tough job

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As an order picker, it’s definitely not to be underestimated. Very stressful job. You’re expected to complete orders that are timed. A lot of issues in how they run their picking (in my experience) using headsets - constantly stopping working - not enough working machines at the start of shift - battery’s that run out 1-2 times a shift. Working in -20c temperatures - asides from all my negativity, the pay is good, and an alright job to work for a summer.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Too many operation problems
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Very Physical

If you enjoy working hard, this the place for you. Has the opportunity to be paid well but you will have to work hard if you want to earn more than your hourly wage.
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WORST JOB EVER. Will not give you the promised hours, least transparent company ever, constantly understaffed and cheap management.

-Upon hiring I was told to expect 15-20 hours a week, the last 4 months I've gotten 10 hours at most and the last month I havent gotten more than 5 hours a week. Last week I wasn't scheduled at all, this week I work 4 hours and next week I work 5 hours. -Everyone suggested getting cross trained to get more hours so I did and since getting trained 2 months ago I have not gotten any shifts in that department. "Hours were cut" is what I've been hearing for 6 months.-I never got trained properly, being told to make up numbers on temp logs and to hide in the back if upper management ever comes over-Managers are condescending and rude when asking basic questions-Since September I've been told several times that hours will be picking up next month and since then my hours have been cut in half every month-Departments are always understaffed, workers weren't properly trained and part timers are all confused-Coworkers constantly talk trash about you behind your back and to your face, making fun of you for not knowing how to do the jobs that they failed to train you on.-None of the managers know how anything works. Was told completely different things about transferring between stores by 4 managers and none of them were right (according to me calling another store). Nobody knew how to get the employee discount and the store manager 'set it up' wrong twice.

Points positifs

10% Discount

Points négatifs

Barely any hours, rude management, keep reminding you that you mean nothing to the company
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Hard very physical, and way too demanding

The 95% is a very difficult target to meet, and i think the system is unfair. Some people get very large and heavy orders while and it is difficult to meet the target, while some get small, scanty and light orders. I think it is not a balanced system and the time frame given is too short.
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Good Job

Lots to learn. Enjoyable experience. Great teamwork and cooperation between departments. Always received a lot of support from my coworkers and from my boss.
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If your slow don’t even try.

Don’t get me wrong the Cambridge Distribution Centre is a great place, super clean and organized, good work culture and management but if you can’t hustle don’t apply. Strict Quotas, Working through breaks, Constant Running. You just have to be fast that’s all. Food Truck days, LOA’s and cheap caffeteria makes this place a solid 8/10, but once again you need to be fast to work here, i’m not joking around- this place is fast!
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Best Employer

I love working here...I have learnt a lot from my managers and senior employees.. Lots of new learnings and help in building my career as a newcomer to Canada.
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Do not work here! stay away!

This is the worst job I ever had. Expectations are unreachable and they treat you like dirt. I would give it 0 if I could. Don;'t work here if you don't really need to.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

not health and safety at all
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Not bad just work fast if you can’t work fast don’t work there. A lot of the headsets for don’t work make sure you get your time back since everything is timed

Points positifs

Cheap lunch

Points négatifs

Short breaks
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Fast paced work environment , nice supervisor who are often very patient and always ready to teach you and give a helping hand. Job demands alot of physicality
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Fun workplace

You will make a lot of good friends working here. Friendly staff. Training is quick and easy to understand. Management may not be consistently good.. Some managers are rude
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Straight forward/repetitive

If you like physical labour and don’t mind working in a warehouse, turning your brain off and picking orders then this could be a good environment for you.The work isn’t complicated but it is physically demanding and can be quite tiring. You’ll meet some great people and some self centred reckless people that could cause you to get seriously injured, so you must keep your wits about you.
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Lack of professionalism

- Lack of professionalism among managers and analyst, since day one gossips and - Bad work-life balance.- A lot of work and low payment rates and low expectations to growth in the company.
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Hard work, good money

Not for everyone, but theres a.chance to make good money here. Requires lots of heavy lifting and hustle if you want incentive. Almost every safety rule you are told gets broken daily and ignored by supervisors as it is necessary to hit your numbers
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Steer clear of Zehr’s pharmacy

What is the best part of working at the company?There is nothing good about working in the pharmacy What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Understaffed and overworked employees. Company wants as much revenue as possible at any cost and is conveyed clearly the the regional director. Terrible place to work. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Decent colleagues, awfully stressful environment. They advertise jobs but don’t have any hours to give their current employees. What is a typical day like for you at the company?A typical day at Zehrs pharmacy is stressful. Double the work, not enough wage and company doesn’t care about your well-being or family. Terrible. Assistants are unionized which is great but good luck if you’re a Technician.
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Ok place to work

Toxic environment, but pay is good,Management will chew u out if you fall under the standard of %95 but overall ok place to work machines could be maintained better

Points positifs

Free food

Points négatifs

Toxic environment
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It's work

Fast paced environment, can go an hour without seeing another person sometimes, but it's well paying, and there are some good people in management and some bad people, just like any where else
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Officially embraced to say I work for this company

I will not ever recommend anyone to work here. This company can not continue to function the way it is being run. They have made so many cut backs with hours etc. customer service is a thing of the past and health and safety is “not in the budget “ 20+ years and I can officially say that I don’t see Loblaw (Zehrs) lasting much longer.

Points positifs

Can’t think of any

Points négatifs

To many to list
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no safety

since there's an incentive pay (bonus pay) theres less safety. workers were sacrificing their safety for higher incentive pay, really bad design overall
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Unrealistic expectations

No safety whatsoever training is very bare minimum they don’t really care about you or your needs, lots of drama at this location as well it was like being in highschool again
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It’s alright

Coworkers are great and fun to be around with the benefit of flexibility depending on your supervisor but the company does not care about you as a person. No room for upgrades only the opportunity to do the job of 10 different people for the wage of 1.
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