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Calgary, AB199 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Really enjoyed my time working there. Learned a alot about the grocery industry and being an Assistant Category Manager has to be one of my favourite positions I have held in my career
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Fantastic Work Environment

No complaints so far working in Loblaw Companies Distribution Centre.Training will be provided.Nice team.I had a great experience working in a warehouse.

Points positifs

Friendly work environment

Points négatifs

Maintain various temparature mostly cold but company will provide necessary equipments.
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Good money but tiring

Youll have 8hrs of work of which department are you in. You need to fast for this job so you can meet the performance that theyre looking for but if not have fun talking to supervisor because management sucks
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Some perks but overall poor management

You will be promoted if you're chummy with the higher ups. Some awful managers continue to stay despite bad behaviour with their subordinates. Real talent and hard work is rarely ever rewarded.
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Monotonous but livable.

What is the best part of working at the company?Hours were alright, schedule was fairly flexible.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Coworkers made the job more stressful than it needed to beWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Work environment is usually relaxed, one particular coworker ruined it however. Culture is nonexistent.What is a typical day like for you at the company?In between relaxed and busy. Not too stressful but always moving.
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Terrible Pay

Don't bother becoming a cashier, customers are disrespectful, management moves around a lot with little to no notice, so you may be stuck with a bad manager who can't run the department. Tons of favouritism so some people end up slacking because the manager/supervisor likes them. Recent change to self checkout makes the place unbearable. Try another department or don't even bother with the store at all. Pay is garbage and only increases 10 cents every 500hrs. Hours are terrible too, either you have complete open availability and are scheduled a maximum of 24hrs or you are restricted with typically 5-10hrs a week. Not to forget the prices are always on the incline because the Weston family owns it, so of course it's to be expected. You will hate it, I guarantee.

Points positifs

You can work as little as 5 hours a month and keep the dicount

Points négatifs

Too little pay for the amount of commotion
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Great Experience

I enjoyed my time working here. It was a great experience and met a lot of wonderful people. Management always treated staff with respect and always accommodated vacation requests.
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It was the worst company I have EVER worked for. You are bullied daily and demeaned by Senior Leadership.

What is the best part of working at the company?Not a lot , you are bullied everyday when you come to work by senior management.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The disrespect from you're boss. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Nothing , it's extremally abusive.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Start work at 6:30 AM and you are instructed not to leave until after 6PM . The expectation is to work 6 days a weeks and if you don't ? senior leadership frowns on you while they work 5 days a week. Too different standard's
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Poor Training and Support from Management

Poor Training and scheduling. Clear favoritism shown in management, lots of gossip, and lots of passing off work between shifts. Rude workers who have been there years because of union.
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Long delays

Unloaded Tuesday somewhere in California,got a load picking up Thursday and finished loading on Friday...How can they be so braindead in planning? No communication between planning in Brampton and Calgary dispatch..A 5 day trip took 8,9 days...Long delays for pick ups as they send you to shippers where you wait almost 10 hours...for cheap pay....Or you ll get a load,you're going there and at 10 pm they ll say it's cancelled- you're on a highway not knowing where to go! Clueless,brainless dispatching and planning...Too bad cause Loblaws has the money to hire the best,but hires these kids that have never been in a truck..
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Just another part time job

I think when it came to the specific store I worked at, they were really great at hiring nice and hardworking people. I had some amazing co-workers that I still keep in touch after quitting. However when it came to department managers and upper management everyone was just so horrible. They will pay you minimum wage while expecting you to do 4 different people's jobs and even if you do "everything" loblaw is not a company where they will ever show you appreciation. They will say you will get all these perks and benefits after working a few months there but they will make it extremely hard for you actually access any of them. Management will go to each department to put pressure on already stressed workers saying how busy and behind we are, then go back to their offices right away to gossip and think of different ways to cut hours. Anyone who has a bit of self-respect doesn't stay in this job for more than a few months, just fyi.
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Great co-works but tiring work place

It is has it pros and cons of working at the store. Some pros is that you can have some of the best co- works and mangers to work with but a huge con is that you will have to deal with some of the most entitled customers. And that can be a huge drain on your energy.
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Great Place to work but people in management needs to be paid more.

An exceptional work environment is discernible at this establishment; however, an imperative consideration surfaces regarding the remuneration structure. The organization evidently fosters a conducive atmosphere for professional growth and collaborative engagement. Despite these commendable attributes, it is noteworthy to emphasize the necessity for an enhanced compensation framework. The significance of equitable compensation aligns intricately with sustaining the motivation and satisfaction of the workforce. Thus, a prudent step would involve a comprehensive review of the compensation structure to ensure its alignment with industry standards and the demonstrated dedication of the employees.
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Productive and fun

Amazing culture and the manager is very supportive. Good benefits and the people who work around you are very supportive. Flexible hours and not that much stress in work place. So many learning opportunities and also helps you improve you skills.
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Best Staff Ever

Very supportive staff. Working here was fun. Management is amazing and everyone is valued.No cons at all, very lively and busy store but staff are respectful
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It's ok

can be stressful at times and the customers can be really entitled, but you get paid well. The manager was nice but they were also stressed so they do fumble from time to time.
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Other employees

Honestly working here is chill, most people mind they’re business except the old people working there or customer service. Always jealous or angry at something that day
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Lpo is basically walk and look around for shoplifters. The manager is alright, not too nice or mean. The workplace is friendly, people are nice. Management is horrible
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-burnout-not paid enough- management always has favouritism for certain workers- management doesn’t give workers enough hours- union doesn’t help the workers enough
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Couldn't organize a bingo game at a nursing home

Very disorganized. Feels like they've gotten off more than they can chew. They continue to hire more drivers when they can't keep the ones they have busy.

Points positifs

Great dispatch

Points négatifs

Not enough miles
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They ask for too much for $15 an hour. Consistently understaffed, you are doing the work of like 4 people for the pay of one. Supervisors are never there during busy times.
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