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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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nice place to work at for a quick buck

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Pros-relaxed working environnementStress is minimal
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Typical retail job

Absolute minimum to start and a tragically slow progression thereafter. Worked for a caustic, sarcastic manger who showed disrespect and contempt. Sad
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Company values revenue over staff

Company has gone downhill in treatment of staff. Hiring of contract workers so they don’t have to pay benefits. Constant downsizing causes stress/anxiety about job security.

Points positifs

Work in a nice office in Brampton

Points négatifs

No dedicated work space
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Pire endroit pour travailler

La compagnie te taitre comme un numero et a aucun respect pour les employes
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Boring, and a lot of work to do if you’re closing

Overall, not a horrible place to work, but there tends to be a trend where people with morning/afternoon shifts leave their duties to the closer. It is also very boring in the evening because you are typically all on your own. Training wise, they just throw you in a shift with another co-worker until you figure it out. Definitely do not get paid enough.
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Good job for students

Good job for students entering the workforce. Pay was minimum wage but expected in this role. Managers were good and accommodating of our schedules with school.
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Great place to work

I love working here, the people are great, helpful, kind and understanding. Their positive people which helps makes things easier... Perfect amount of hours are always available. Pays are weekly. Minimum wage but is union once you start full time. They are fast paced which is also good for making the time go by faster.

Points positifs

Pays weekly.
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Don't bother. Worst place I've worked at and I've worked at many, many places. Management is garbage, the work is terrible, the pay is not even close to enough for what they demand of you and they ask far too much.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Great for a first job!

This was my first ever job and I'm still working here. Its a great first job to have. Management can be a hit or a most sometimes. As a cashier/front end worker, you're asked to do so many different tasks but you still earn the same pay. Like front end manages tobacco, tills, self checkout, and occassionally price checking. Good job but overall exhausting and not very rewarding.

Points positifs

Good co-worker bonds

Points négatifs

Unfair pay, will not go over 8 hours
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Not a bad place to work stressful at times and could use more employees but as long as you keep up with your back stock you should be fine moving forward

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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good for time being

was ok i guess but it was slow a lot of the days and very very repetitive but other than than it’s pretty manageable for long term employment if that’s what your after

Points positifs

slow paced

Points négatifs

managers suck
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Thoroughly enjoyed the work. Lots to learn for me this was enjoyable and fun. Found the workplace to have very negative coworkers only reason I left and looked for employment elsewhere.
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Okay place for part time work

Was fine, management was bit of a mess but the overall workload was manageable alone. Had to keep reminding management of my agreed upon days to be scheduled despite clearly stating and writing them down during my interview.
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Typical Job

Pros: simple, easy job. Not hard to get. Just be easy going and relaxed in the interview.Cons: did not respect scheduling hours. Would assign me shifts during class
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Nice place to work good hours and nice people liked the job and had a lot of fun working with different people. Drama always but there is always drama e
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Management is a cheap show here

If your store managers pet your safe otherwise your done bruh. ! If your good at flattering them they will support you and they will be always with you otherwise you will be fired right on the spot
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stressful work environment

Personally, before each shift I get bad anxiety. The managers are ALWAYS grumpy and watching your every move. No matter how much you do if they see you standing in your till for one minute doing nothing when absolutely everything is done and its dead they make you do something so stupid just so you don't stand there? But the whole time the managers stand there and do nothing. They also say you can switch departments after two years but Ive requested and the manager always say no but I think its fair we get to switch if its been two years..... they also get annoyed with you when you ask for time off during a holiday even if you give them a two month notice? they get mad when you wear black lululemon joggers while pc express can wear leggings and joggers? they pick and choose who they want to get mad at and its just so negative all the time.

Points positifs

nothing, we used to get a food discount and now they took it away.

Points négatifs

your feet will hurt.
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Very busy environment

Be prepared to work and face equipment challenges. Heavy lifting and high productivity expectations. Weekly pay, unionized and stable work based on good attendance and responsibility.

Points positifs

Monthly events

Points négatifs

Poor equipment
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Good Company to work

Not bad place to work, good work life balance and benefits. Only thing is the hours are kind of long. Management is pretty good, another one of the bad things is the pay is not the best.

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Love and heated

Worked there 5 years and naver seen over 20 hrs a week because they didn't want any full time people. I worked 5 days a week and my shifts where all over the place so work life Balance wasn't there. The pay sucks and the hrs suck just as bad
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Don’t bother

Dangerous. The equipment was poorly maintained and inconsistent. The productivity standards didn’t make sense given the isle congestion and picking locations. The crew was extremely confrontational, fights nearly broke out every day. The injury rate was 100%. People couldn’t go three days without severe injury. This place is scary; you will get injured.

Points positifs

Lots of overtime

Points négatifs

Injury is guaranteed
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