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Deli clerk (Brantford, ON)

le 19 avril 2024
Worst part was definitely entitled, rude, customers and the fact that we were expected to deal with them in a friendly manner even when not being treated with respect. My manager in the deli was absolutely incredible however, she made sure she treated every one of her employees and colleagues with respect and never made them feel inferior. Always made sure to attempt to work the schedule around ev...

Deli Clerk (Vancouver, BC)

le 12 février 2024
I’ve only been at the new City Market for 1-2 months. Got hired on the spot and 2 months prior to grand opening but overall the job it is very easy, tangible and just common sense. Management and colleagues are great, very kind and friendly. I’d say it’s a good work environment compared to old grocery store job that I left cause the pay was so bad but here it makes my life a lot easier only con I’...

Deli Clerk (Simcoe, ON)

le 7 février 2024
Unprofessional management. Overworked & understaffed: many were fired for not being able to keep up. I (and many others) quit due to high pressure & low compensation. Some department managers were friendly, though asked far to much of individual employees. Many promoted from within, with little to no leadership experience or ability. Store managers nearly exclusively hired from outside with little...

Deli (Collingwood, ON)

le 6 février 2024
Out of all the places and companies I have worked for. I would recommend loblaws to everyone. There is more cons about the job but its the people who are amazing and (some) mangers are worth the job, not all. The workplace culture is even, no racism. A typical work day for me was serving & cleaning, nothing I found hard. I will say the hardest part of the job is not having enough hours, and bein...

Deli Clerk (Whitby, ON)

le 2 janvier 2024
Generally good work environment, can get boring when there isn’t much left to do. Unfortunately not many hours to go around so you won’t work that often
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