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Why did you leave your job at Loblaw?

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  • Managers at Brampton head office Finance depart corpAdmin were terrible, unequal treatment, no training, ignorant behaviour... run run run

  • I have worked there for 2 years at the South Surrey distribution Center. People leave because the Supervisors are too power hungry on the Night shift. On the Dayshift the Suoervisors don’t really do there job and it creates Safety issues. I have had my Ankles taken out by Pallet jacks so many times I have lost count and nearly been Run over by the forklifts several times because they just zip up behind you and don’t care that your there.

  • Family reasoning and felt bullied by the front end manager

  • Unfair and unequal treatment of staff. Expected to do a lot for little pay.

  • Was sick and gave 3 hours instead of 4 hours notice. Was told I would be "written up", whatever that means. Manager was unsympathetic to my illness that morning, so I just quit on the job. I should have reported her because I was one of the best cashiers they had. She managed by yelling and belittling workers. I could not stay in that environment.

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  • Terrible place, taxing not only on my sanity more than a job should be, but also my physical health.

  • I worked for a Loblaws franchise for 8 years. The first 6 years was "parttime" meaning 38 hours a week. That way they didn't have to pay full time wages or benefits. When I finally went to salaried full time there were still no benefits. The store owner as a bully who would publicly humiliate employees by screaming at them in front of coworkers and customers. It was a very demoralizing environment. Finally quit and went to the competition.

  • I worked the graveyard shift at the wholesale club basically slave labour, 1:30am-6:30am tearing down skids and stocking shelves for minimum wage. I can't believe that I actually lasted 2 months. Co-workers making union wages and getting to use equipment while you do the grunt work. Saddest thing about loblaws is th a they own most of the grocery outlets in my town (shoppers,wholesaleclub,nofrills and superstore)

  • The job itself is fun and co-workers are friendly but the management is incompetent, inconsiderate and unhelpful. They think they're all high and mighty. Only your fellow cashiers will help you and teach you. Trainer is very lazy and doesn't teach everything that needs to be taught. Trainer hates people (customers) and food,which are ironically the source of her job. They throw you out to the frontline without sufficient training and they expect you know everything when you didn't have any prior experience in cashiering. Lousy management who look down on people. Management doesn't live up the company values. Only fellow cashiers are friendly and helpful, management is unappreciative, snub and lazy.

  • Insufficient training by immediate supervisor as he was too busy trying to just keep up with his work. I always felt we were under staffed in the pharmacy.

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