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Why did you leave your job at Loblaw?

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  • Worked at the South Surrey warehouse for 4 years. They just have unreasonable quotas you have to hit. Slugging 50lb wonky bags of onions and having to pick 20-30 of them at time and only getting 20 mins to finish that 3 pallet order is too tight. The management mocks you for getting hurt. And when you need a supervisor you have to go the shipping office and ask the overwhelmed Shipping clerk to fetch one. Plus we had two known cases of Covid Recently and the response was very poor We were forced back to work and the place wasn’t deep cleaned at all. There is a reason why it is easy to get hired.

  • I attained a better job position elsewhere but there was a lack of proper training and direction. Managers werent always easy to get in touch with regarding scheduling issues.

  • Was hired and then let go a month later. The person in charge of training me was incompetent and didn't show up on my second day of work to continue training. Was told 5 minutes to start of my last shift that I wasn't a good fit, despite never being given any feedback or criticism while on the job. Was blamed for not informing my supervisor of unavailability on a specific date when I had already explained about these dates weeks in advance. The supervisor was forgetful and never showed me how to submit an RDO form which I had no idea existed. Even denied calling me about a first day start time with a change in times, and asked me on my FIRST DAY why I showed up '5 hours late' when there was a call in advance regarding training... horrible experience.

  • Got hired as a Overnight stocker, (After they rescheduled my interview twice because when I went in the first two times nobody was there to interview me). After my training shift my next scheduled shift was 2 weeks later, I took a screenshot of the schedule on my phone and went home. Came in on my next scheduled shift and couldnt clock in because I was "Not Scheduled".

    Called in and the manager told me I was scheduled for 3 shifts the week prior and didnt show up so I was marked as job abandonment. I told him that these shifts never appeared on my schedule and asked why they never called or emailed me earlier about the shifts I missed. He decided to "give me another chance" but offered me a position on Daytime Stocking instead, I said I wasnt interested in Daytime and I applied for a nighttime position, then I was told they didn't need any nighttime stockers and I wouldn't get much hours, I said I didnt care about that and wanted the job anyway but was given a big spiel about how Loblaws "wasnt the place for me" and that he didnt believe my schedule was screwed up and thought I knew about the missed shifts and skipped them on purpose despite me saying I had photo proof I was telling the truth.. He was super condescending and talked to me like I was a child that didnt understand what was going on. I told him I wasnt interested in the daytime position and hung up.

    I turned down other jobs I would have really enjoyed because I was offered a nighttime position, 24-40 hours a week and extra pay. But all I got was a month of my time wasted. Thanks Loblaws!

  • Left Loblaws due to toxic work environment. They hire dishonest managers and supervisors to get rid of honest and good employees. Managers and supervisors like to hire people from their own backgrounds. If you have been working there for a long time and your salary is decent, they wrongfully start picking on you to make your life miserable in the hopes of you leaving on your own. Terrible experience at this Company.

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  • The front line staff were almost always awesome and helpful. If customers had to receive customer service from management they would never ever be a repeat customer. I left because management is uneducated yet they belittle the front line staff who often times are more educated. I am dying to know how Loblaws companies select managers. I find the general population of Canada to be friendly but I have yet to meet a friendly manager at a loblaws owned company, it's like they try to select the nastiest people possible.

  • The new manager had family members working there and he would reprimand the supervisors if they had to address any issues with said family members.
    Was tired of not knowing from one week to the next how many hours you were going to get. Maximum was 28 if you were available every day, for any shift. No chance for fulltime as they were continually eliminating fulltime positions.

  • I left because when you read a job posting for hire working their is the opposite of what the real loblaw world is all about.
    9 years was enough for me.....proceed with caution

    When you hear your just a number this company offers just that

    I could list it all but choose to just leave a message as heads up type thing

  • I put in my notice because I was hurt at this job. Prior to getting hurt, I genuinely enjoyed my coworkers. Management was never any where to be found without seeking them out. After getting hurt and trying to discuss a safety concern, I was horribly mistreated. I am lucky enough currently to be able to leave a job where I am disrespected and belittled. I want able to do much of anything for 3 months due to my injury and had to literally BEG for modified duty I was legally entitled to. It was unfortunate I had to report this to WSIB because I did not want any troubles at work, but I was unable to do my job and was fully able to do another job without time off. I was really sad to see the true colors of the company. They can break the law and only receive a small fine from WSIB, literally not even a drop in the ocean to such a filthy rich company. I am foi g to request additional action and I encourage all employees to speak to their union fully and WSIB when hurt. They will try to trick you into speaking with their risk management firm and dress it up as a company trying to help YOU with modified duty and it is 100% untrue, they specialize in claims DENIAL. If you get hurt, report it and dont let any one talk you into thinking you'll be okay when you NEED treatment. Contact your MPP and WSIB if your job requires extra doctor notes or anything else extra from you (the law says your chiropractor or physio can provide updated FAFs to an employer).

  • You have zero opportunity to obtain full time employment. The hours are terrible for part-time workers. Loblaws only cares about ensuring the wealth of future generations of the Weston family. Cruddy place to work.

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