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What is the workplace culture here like?

11 réponses

All employees are scared of the store manager at the Delta location as she is a Tyrant yelling and swearing at her staff......do not apply for a job at that location you will regret it later....You have been warned!!

Unfair! A lot of back stabbing, disrespect towards employees as well as customers. Managers can become very jealous if you are doing well and are liked by customers. They start wrongfully accusing you of things you haven’t done or said and report you to the Supervisor. They basically treat you very unfairly and make your life very difficult, but at the same time can get away with a lot dishonest behaviour.

Absolutely disgusting incredibly negative and rude.

Inviting and cheerful

Somewhat in flux -there are some great things including remote workplace but still feels disjointed.

Respect, fair and have a chance to grow

Not very good

People are very friendly to one another but hate working for the company due to lack of employee support/ wage and hours.

It`s friendly and open environment. Everyone`s normally understanding and nice. I never had any bad situations with my coworkers.

Every one is always willing to help and very friendly

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