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What is the workplace culture here like?

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Absolutely disgusting incredibly negative and rude.

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Inviting and cheerful

Réponse du - Flow Team Member (Current Employee) - Windsor, ON

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Somewhat in flux -there are some great things including remote workplace but still feels disjointed.

Réponse du - Loss Prevention Manager (Former Employee) - Toronto, ON

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Respect, fair and have a chance to grow

Réponse du - Senior Analyst (Current Employee) - Brampton, ON

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Not very good

Réponse du - Produce Clerk/ garden center (Current Employee) - Sherwood Park, AB

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People are very friendly to one another but hate working for the company due to lack of employee support/ wage and hours.

Réponse du - Produce Clerk/Grocery Clerk/Garden Centre (Current Employee) - London, On / Ottawa, On

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It`s friendly and open environment. Everyone`s normally understanding and nice. I never had any bad situations with my coworkers.

Réponse du - Cashier (Current Employee) - Edmonton, AB

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Every one is always willing to help and very friendly

Réponse du - Cashier (Former Employee) - Ottawa, ON

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Open and honest. If you do your job management will leave you alone.

Réponse du - Night Receiver (Current Employee) - Gloucester, ON

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