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What are the perks offered by Loblaw?

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  • Sore feet and ears

  • Not sure. I was pt and pt entry level jobs dont get perks. Some discounts but nothing really.

  • Discount after 6 months

  • Do you get a discount at other stores e.g. Nissan

  • This depends on where you work. Most part time colleagues, which is what they prefer to hire so they can keep your wage low, are not offered anything. No benefits, no discount, nothing.

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  • 10% discount on RCSS items.

  • Discount after 6 months. 10%off your groceries.

  • I work for an independent franchise of Loblaws ( Valumart ). I've been with the company for 7 and a half years and receive nothing in the way of benefits. Not even a Christmas bonus and I'm a department manager. Loblaws should investigate what happens in their smaller stores.

  • 10% off most typical purchases after 6 months of employment. Has various deals for other places included. 25% PC Mobile plan discount. If your store is a part of the UFCW, you’ll probably get some mediocre benefits after 4-6 months. This is Part Time from an RCSS employee in BC.

  • Colleague discount

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  1. What are the perks offered by Loblaw?