Les Compagnies Loblaw limitée
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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Les Compagnies Loblaw limitée?

54 réponses

  • On A warehouse scale. They should hire Supervisors that are not a bunch of power hungry morons who sit in a office all day and actually do there job and go on the floor and make sure things aren’t turning into the Wild West.

  • Have respect for employees who are often more experienced and educated than they are. Yelling is not a useful management technique.

  • Just be reasonable & polite. Not embarrassing you in front of co-workers and customers. Not yelling at workers.

  • Give people an actual living wage. Listen to your employees. Stop promoting ego inflated big headed people with little to no training just because theyve worked there longer. Among many other things.

  • Be more fair with workers

  • Raise the minimum wage to the 13.60 which it's supposed to be at . Plus stop the others that like to gossip about others that work there. And get rid of the bullies that work there.

  • Hire people who actually work instead of sleeping at desk or watching movies or playing on phones. More communication between supervisors and staff at shift changes so they are all on the same page for their tasks. And speaking English while they are on job.....

  • There should be less favouritism with in nationality and a little higher pay

  • I don't know about other stores but where I work, they should hire Department Managers that actually do the job. No wonder most staff/employees are untrained, lazy and unmotivated because their team leader is the same.

  • Hire more staff in each department so the ones who are on,do not have double workload.Have more staff trained in disposal of packageing ie cardboard.Have each department be responsible for their own product package disposal.

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