Les Compagnies Loblaw limitée
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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Les Compagnies Loblaw limitée?

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  • Always have fresh products

  • Store manager is very ignorant to the other department managers . Doesn't give any credit for the job they do, all the department managers work very hard and are good to work for . So if you are treated well and thanked for the work you do you just want to work that much harder because you are appreciated. and

  • Don't fire everyone once they've worked there 5 plus years. Lets see they fired me an another guy tge same day. Both been there 5 plus years. Later they fired my first supervisor. They fired several bosses while I worked there. High turn over in imployment.

  • Pay people for the work they do, support workers the workers instead of punishing them, ACTUALLY TRAIN PEOPLE FOR THE WORK THEY DO... so many things

  • Pay the employee a fair wage. Give people fulltime jobs. They should already know this since they have been asking the same question for over 20 years now!

  • Better wages and fulltime jobs. They should already know this, they've been asking the same question for over 20 years now!

  • Abid by the rules that coworkers follow- set by example for smoke breaks and expectations of work morals

  • Report problems to your supervisor or else you will just stress yourself out or quit

  • Supervisors should receive periodical sensitivity and communication training. Plus be encouraged to use mental healthy days... Customers and cashiers can be overwhelming.

  • Rebuild the Supervisor team for all shifts. Hire decent quality people for the job and encourage more teamwork between each department and lower back to the old 85% daily/ 95 weekly standard it used to be.

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