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  • Management should take courses on how to treat employees. Update equipment like registers and computers so they don't always crash or freeze. Better wages, more consistency with schedule

  • Managers and higher ups just need to be nicer and stop taking out their anger at the people below them.

  • Increase salary

  • Train your department managers, get rid of employees who do minimal, give more hours to departments so they can do their job

  • Winnipeg office environment is very bad, too much politics and there are many people in only one community.

  • For warehouses, provide adequate training that is the same for everyone, right now it all goes by what the trainer feels like doing. Get rid of the leave early sheet so everyone has a chance to finish early instead of 2/3ds of the pickers being sent home and only a handful of ( mostly new ) employees are left picking , that extra downtime for everyone helps prevent injuries, maybe instead of leave early, send experienced pickers to help those who are learning/struggling. Give a 2week schedule so the floaters can have some sort of work/life balance. Provide better face and hand protection for the freezer. Stop setting employees up to fail, set the warehouse up with the intent of building a good pallet instead of just throwing large and heavy items on top of a 6ft order with soft small boxes as the base. LISTEN to your staff

  • Ensure prices scan correctly. It is extremely annoying for customers, and especially for those at front end! The entire line gets backed up, as those at other departments are busy. Customers start taking their anger out on the cashier. They need more people checking that the signs match what it scans for.

  • Give consistent shifts with patterns rather than a Tetris puzzle of shifts, train their employees instead of employees who aren't qualified to train employees train the new employees (Power equipment), actually care about their workers, stop cutting hours every other week, respect peoples flexability.

  • Train workers PROPERLY!

  • -have 6-7 workers per shift not 4. That lessen the stress due to many sick calls and heavy workload
    - better hours ,better pay 15$ minimum wage

    -don't give the workers shift that ends at 23:00 and then morning shift the next day

    -don't abuse 10hr space between shifts like worker ends at 23:00 his eight hour shift and then getting 5am or 7am shift , just because some one called in sick

    -don't give workers 11:30 - 20:00 shifts on the weekends , workers can't even make plans

    -train management on how to order, and schedule properly , emotional intelligence

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