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  • Have more staff meetings to make everyone feel like they make a difference and are important. Make a point to acknowledge them while they’re working.

  • Le respect. Les gérants devrais avoir le droit d avoir une vie personnel.

  • Pay your workers instead of keeping the pandemic pay for upper office staff who worked from home. From li e worked brought covid home with no compensation.... shame on you

  • Value older employees and utilize there experience and knowledge. They have long term connections with the community that sets Zehrs apart from its growing amount of competitors.

  • Update front end equipment such as cash registers/keyboards/scanners

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  • Loblaws may help feed the populace, but they destroy lives and don t care about laws or people. They are just about money and stupid management. Bottom line don t watse your time.

  • Stop making 90% of the staff 9th graders.

  • Pay your Warehouse workers a living wage!, quit taking advantage of the foreign workers! And get proper trainers and supervisors that can do there job

  • Pay your employees a living wage if you want good workers to stay!

  • Give employees more hours so they can support themselves and their family!!!!! Employed almost 7 years and getting 14 hours per week is just insulting and unacceptable. Favoritism is rampant among management that does the scheduling. Worst place to work if your looking to be rewarded for dedication and loyalty!

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