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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Les Compagnies Loblaw limitée?

26 réponses

1. Online application with some pre-screening multiple choice scenarios.
2. Phone screening

3. In-person interview

Group oriented

One-on-one interview
Short process

Respectful interviewer

Farely easy no stress

I applied online which included a situational questionnaire to answer. Rec'd a phone interview to confirm available hours and a few other questions followed up by a face to face interview covering position info and a few more questions like favorite product and how you handle certain scenarios. Was an enjoyable experience made by those involved who put me at ease.

First they start with a over the phone interview, then leading to a in person interview.

Focused on customer service and satisfaction.

Very swift, quick, and to the point, proper questions as well as very professional

Very common simple
strengths weakness what u know about the store how u would handle certain situations talk about yourself education

Depends who you get. it started with a phone and then in person interview.

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