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Quelles sont les heures de travail chez Les Compagnies Loblaw limitée?

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  • Continually cater to certain people and the others get what's left.

  • Working hours at superstore for:
    part-time worker (anytime) 24-28 hours a week

    full time worker 32-37 hours a week

    supervisor/manager 37 hours or more a week

    restricted worker working due to school or other work 12-15hours

  • I never had problems to get hours but everyone is on a part time basis, except management.

  • Standard 9 to 5 overtime in my case was necessary

  • Flexible hours, 8 hr shifts

  • Worked as a part time but I was working 40 hours especially during summer.

  • Getting between 20- 35 hours

  • For superstore produce workers you get 4 hour , 5 hour or 8 hours shifts.
    Usual 8 hour shifts are: 9am-5:30pm , 10am-6:30pm , 2:30pm- 11:00, 4am -12:30pm , 11:30- 8pm

    The 4 or 5 hr shifts could be 4am-to-9am, 9am-1pm,10am-2pm, 12pm -5pm ,6pm-to-10pm or 11pm , 11am -2pm, it changes daily/frequently

    If you are anytime worker status you get 24 to 28 hours a week. So you usually get the day shifts (4,5 or 8hrs shifts) between 9am-6pm and sometimes 2:30pm-11pm. If you go restricted (union rule) after probation you can work 2 or more days a week , but you have to work every Saturday. If you worked at loblaw for more than 10 years you can choose any 2 days and hours you want to work.

  • Flexible, frequently adjusted. Cannot guarantee full-time hours.

  • Department managers expected to work over 10 hrs a day and do not even get proper breaks as it is looked down apon by the store manager.

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