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How long does it take to get hired, do orientation, and finally start working?

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I was hired immediately to a very understaffed store. Didn't give an orientation and I had to learn from fellow workers during the job

Depends on the employee

I was hired immediately, had a single day of watching videos then was on my own from there in a very understaffed store. If you have past experience, you will be fine. It's a first job for many, so you might want to apply to a larger better staffed store if you're newly working.

Very fast. I applied online, then the next day I got an interview for the next day. I went to the interview, then I filled new hire forms.. I am going to orientation tonight. Wish me luck!

Was pretty fast Got called and was pretty much hired on the spot. Orientation came a week later.

Most will tell you couple weeks however it could take months.
Job interview then you get a call after a week for another interview with department manager.

After interview with dp you might wait couple days and be called in for a background check

That background check takes couple business days or about a week

Finally after that you have orientation then they tell you to wait to be scheduled within the next two weeks.

-It will most likely take months if you miss any phone calls during this process or if the recruiter is part- time.

Orientation is after 1 week of hire date. Training is only for 2 hours and you're on your own.

2 weeks or 24 hours of training shifts

Couple weeks

Pinnacle Staffing Solutions (recruitment agency) - hired me...and assigned me thrice to Loblaws.

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