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For Cashiers can you work part time days 12 to 4 or 11 to 3 or 1 to 6

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Yes, it's possible however, they will probably want a candidate with a fully open schedule upon initial hire. They also are unionized so there is a seniority issue as well but.. it is possible.

Réponse du - shopper (Current Employee) - Toronto, ON

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Yes, I can work part time days at different times.

Réponse du - Cashier (Former Employee) - Ottawa, ON

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Unlikely you will get these hours considering scheduling is done by seniority, so expect evening and weekend shifts exclusively for the the first few years you work there unless you get lucky.

Réponse du - Produce Clerk (Part-time) (Former Employee) - Waterloo, ON

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Not applicable in this case

Réponse du - Head office position (Former Employee) - Head office

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