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Comment est-ce que Les Compagnies Loblaw limitée a réagi à la pandémie de Covid-19 ?

9 réponses

  • They Cared about Employees and Customers both.

  • Yes, masks are mandatory

  • Good, safe, and slow.

  • very well. they supply masks and other neccessities

  • In the store itself pretty good supplies are there for us, but employee bathrooms need a lot of work.

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  • By cleaning the tills after customers

  • Yes, clean up by employees they offer all needed suplements to do this task, is done everyday in well manner

  • Pretty good. Lots of safety equipment.

  • At first the precautions taken and the rules following were really good, however keeping up with the rules as the case curve flattened, I could tell the people in charge was getting lazy with them.

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