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Treat your employees with respect and don't treat them like a number

Réponse du 10 juin 2020

Department managers expected to work over 10 hrs a day and do not even get proper breaks as it is looked down apon by the store manager.

Réponse du 5 juin 2020

Worked at the South Surrey warehouse for 4 years. They just have unreasonable quotas you have to hit. Slugging 50lb wonky bags of onions and having to pick 20-30 of them at time and only getting 20 mins to finish that 3 pallet order is too tight. The management mocks you for getting hurt. And when you need a supervisor you have to go the shipping office and ask the overwhelmed Shipping clerk to fetch one. Plus we had two known cases of Covid Recently and the response was very poor We were forced back to work and the place wasn’t deep cleaned at all. There is a reason why it is easy to get hired.

Réponse du 7 juin 2020

Basically as soon as you apply you will be hired.

Réponse du 10 juin 2020

It is good working with those people

Réponse du 26 décembre 2019

Store Manager has no Respect for her fellow managers and employees. On regualr basis yells and swears at them.........hard to believe that she gets away with it!!

Réponse du 5 juin 2020

Good money, great people!

Réponse du 2 juillet 2018
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