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Management should take courses on how to treat employees. Update equipment like registers and computers so they don't always crash or freeze. Better wages, more consistency with schedule
Réponse du 16 mars 2017
Standard 9 to 5 overtime in my case was necessary
Réponse du 15 mars 2017
Worked at the South Surrey warehouse for 4 years. They just have unreasonable quotas you have to hit. Slugging 50lb wonky bags of onions and having to pick 20-30 of them at time and only getting 20 mins to finish that 3 pallet order is too tight. The management mocks you for getting hurt. And when you need a supervisor you have to go the shipping office and ask the overwhelmed Shipping clerk to fetch one. Plus we had two known cases of Covid Recently and the response was very poor We were forced back to work and the place wasn’t deep cleaned at all. There is a reason why it is easy to get hired.
Réponse du 16 mars 2017
About a week after applying for an open position on the Workday system, I was called in for an interview for the following day. It was pretty straightforward, they mostly ask questions about your availability and which departments you’d be interested in. However, you should be prepared for questions such as “what are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “how would you define great customer service?” and “why do you want to work for Loblaws?” They also want to hear some things about you as a person. If you’re a student attending school, that is definitely something you’ll want to mention. Your interviewer may also ask you how long you see yourself working for the company. If you pass the interview, you’ll get invited to an orientation session. Overall quite easy interview, about 10 mins long. Just have a few answers prepared ahead of time so you don’t get stumped.
Réponse du 2 mars 2017
Better wages, more hours and/or consistency with schedules. Management and company that cares for their employees. To be treated like a human being not just like a machine or number.
Réponse du 22 mars 2018
What are the perks offered by Loblaw?
Posée le 25 février 2017
Sore feet and ears
Réponse du 25 février 2017
Réponse du 25 février 2017
no dress code
Réponse du 24 novembre 2018
Pay your workers instead of keeping the pandemic pay for upper office staff who worked from home. From li e worked brought covid home with no compensation.... shame on you
Réponse du 7 octobre 2018
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