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4.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It's a great place to work!

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I work on interesting projects and they ask for suggestions and have even implemented my recommendations. There's alot of different technologies and they have online training to learn new ones. Even though it's remote now, you get to know the team and they're very supportive. The leadership is transparent and I feel like part of the team.

Points positifs

Fun Zoom events now. A surprise gift box showed up at my door for Christmas.
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Very organized and nice place to work at.

I started working with Loadlink 3 months ago, and I have not had too much interaction the rest of the company in person due to the Covid situation because we all work from home pretty much. I find so far that everything is working well and I am getting all the support I need from the management. I find that processes are very straight forward and I know exactly what is expected from me which helps me greatly to achieve my tasks and goals. Everyone in my team is very helpful and it made my start up easy and smooth. So far I really, really, like it here and I am looking forward to interactingmore with all the co-workers in person once, this situation is over.

Points positifs

Good team mates, good management.

Points négatifs

nothing i can think of.
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Great Place to work!

Although we are all working from home, I still feel very connected with all of my coworkers and management, as they have proven time and time again that should I need them, they will help me. The effort to keep the company moral up at a time like this is not only admirable, but so appreciated. There is so much room for growth, and ability to assist in many different departments.

Points positifs

willingness to help, ability to work from home, biweekly/weekly virtual fun staff meetings

Points négatifs

I am unable to plan or execute events due to the pandemic, which is a part of my job description, but that is not a fault of Loadlink, as we are all in the same situation.
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A fantastic place to work at and to grow

I have been working at Loadlink full-time for a few months now. It has been a great experience for me, lots of new things to learn and opportunities to grow.The management is very supportive and approachable, always ready to help and to give an advice.My co-workers are friendly and also ready to help, everyone is aware that a new employee needs a bit of time to become faster and more comfortable with company's processes. Company culture is great, every department works as a team and has regular team meetings which tend to be fun and very motivational.Loadlink provides amazing benefits; dental, vision, health, gym membership...

Points négatifs

Cannot think of any.
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Friendly Workplace

Loadlink is a very diverse and active workplace, from fun activities planned by the Social Committee to being flexible with work-from-home methodologies during the COVID-19 crisis. The workload is manageable and working here will really test and improve your time management / organizational skills. Management is quite approachable should you ever want to voice your opinion or talk about work-related concerns. Everyone is quite friendly and willing to help should you have questions. They seek to involve everyone by having frequent company meetings to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc. Perhaps my only concern is the untouched animosity sometimes felt in the office. Within my first few days I could feel the tension between certain colleagues that went unresolved. And while that is common in most workplaces, it can make for an uncomfortable work experience at times.Overall, Loadlink offers a thriving work environment with excellent support and would be a good place to jump-start a career and/or think long term.
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Company is fueled by gossip, and co-workers who are out to get you

The workplace is highly toxic. Co-workers enjoy bringing each other down and they create drama on a regular basis. You can tell that this workplace only values dollars and not solid, positive customer relations. Hardworking employees are not valued and attempts to retain said employees are not made until they are about to leave. Co-workers are not well trained to deal with customers and are highly disrespectful towards them.

Points positifs

Occasional free lunches

Points négatifs

Long hours, no overtime pay, toxic workplace and disrespectful co-workers
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Great benefits with a million dollar view

Loadlink has a great office space near square one in Mississauga.VERY competitive wages and they have an uncapped commission plan! The company also does mixers and other events including an annual golf tournament. onboarding process was world class. made me feel like part of the team right away - they wanted to get to know me and who i was, not just what i can do and how quickly. lunch room has a pool table :)
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Started at Load link 6months a go, people are very nice great support, coworkers are really helpful. Management is great as well, really great place to be working at !
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Excellent company, great people and fantastic culture

Excellent company, great people to work with, diversified and fantastic culture, lots of perks, location is at the heart of Mississauga and many more.
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Safe and Fun Work Environment

Very fast paced environment Learning a lot of new things about industry and time management Managers are very helpful and easy going Have not experienced anything wrong yet Some small celebrations here and there maintains good balance
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Diverse Company Culture, Great Work Environment

As an intern, this company provides a work environment that allows you to learn a lot of new skill sets. They are always open to new ideas and your work is valued. Staff and company culture is very friendly.
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Great place to work

I have been working at TransCore Link Logistics full-time around 4 month now. Great place to work and good company benefits with great perks. unfortunately don't have the flexibility to work from home.
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Great place to work at

The company culture is great, there are always events that bring the staff closer together. The office location is great, just across from Square One in Mississauga.
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Enjoyable and safe workplace

I have been with the company for +15 years and still enjoy coming to work every day. We work hard but also play hard. Fun events put together by Social Committee. Company offers full benefits. Concerns are heard by senior management. Great workplace culture with weekly Breakfast Club (voluntarily participation), group birthday celebration, various statutory or events spirits (seasons, sports...). Speaking, assisting and negotiating with customers over the phone require listening skills, compassion, patience and understanding.Efforts get noticed.Contributed and implemented ideas are rewarded
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Accounting Assistant

Pros: - The high volume environment affords you to learn valuable time management and prioritization skills - Great company culture - Regular meetings with management to discuss goals and performance, both individual and company Cons: - Only junior/senior roles qualify for designation experience - HR and Controller spoke in non-English language at times, making it uncomfortable - The high employee turnover leaves you responsible for additional work - Micromanagement
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A welcoming and pleasant office filled with capable people

I've been working at TransCore Link Logistics for a few months and I am quite happy with my experience so far. I'm given an appropriate workload and the support needed to execute effectively. Everyone was very welcoming and understanding that a brand new employee will need a bit of time to get up to speed on company processes. The departments here work as teams, with everyone doing their share to ensure the overall goals are achieved. Management is very approachable and willing to help out with concerns, problems, questions and clarifications. Management really understand that they are leaders, rather than bosses. The office culture is great. Everyone gets along well, and there is an understanding and appreciation of the fact that employees are people, and need to be treated as such. TransCore Link Logistics regularly hosts events for employees to socialize and have fun, fostering a sense of community within the company. The only aspect of the job that I think could be improved upon is salary and benefits. Both are very fair and reasonable, but essentially average.
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Great environment for work

Working at Transcore has been awesome, I met great people and gained a lot of experience. As an intern I was able to learn how to use a variety of different programs and had different responsibilities. I really enjoyed working with the Customer Success Team. Overall I would recommend Transcore Link Logistics to any student that wants to gain real life business experience.
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Good company and culture

There is a lot to learn here. The management is very supportive and staff is friendly. The company provides competitive dental, vision, and health benefits; and have gym membership to LA fitness. There are always activities going around in the office, such as birthday celebrations, fun contests, and office lunches. The company has a nice office, and the location is a definite plus.
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Excellent place to work at

Amazing talented teams. They care about your ideas. Lots of opportunities to learn new things. Open door policy and open communication. Innovative company and always up for new ideas and cool new technologies. Overall 10/10

Points positifs

Use of latest Technology

Points négatifs

Cant think of any Cons
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Awesome place to work. Busy, Friendly and challenging working environment. Motivated and productive team. A good workplace to develop professional skills .
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Good place to work

Friendly staff, helpful team members and positive environment, lots of social activities and perks. Online courses to learn and grow. I like what i am doing and I am glad to be one of the company's team member.

Points négatifs

Pay could be much better
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