Loadlink Technologies

We work hard. We play hard.

Make a Big Impact

We are part of two of Canada’s fastest growing and largest industries: Technology and Transportation.

Transportation has a major impact on our daily lives. From supplying food to our stores, goods to our malls and making e-commerce possible; if you got it, a truck brought it. The province of Ontario has about 200,000 trucks on our roads on any given day…. and it’s our technology that helps keep them moving.

Imagine being the catalyst that drives this massive industry. Our transportation technology enables everything from fresh produce grown in California arriving at the dinner tables of families in Quebec to delivering Canadian manufactured auto parts to plants in Detroit for production. Our technology also provides access to vital goods in remote communities during their times of need.

What we do at Loadlink Technologies is vital to this process. It’s meaningful. It’s empowering. It’s Impactful. Frankly, it’s a game changer.

Join a Leader. Be a Leader.

We’ve been doing what we do for a long time…since 1990, and our brand is a recognized and respected one in the industry. This is the time to join our group. We have an active technology-focus on generating new ideas on how to improve and do things better — disrupt the status quo so to speak. Innovation, teamwork and fun are what guides us.

Our team treats each other and our customers respectfully. Nobody is just another number - far from it. There is so much potential which is yours for the taking. Join us and bring your talents, your contributions, and unique perspectives so together, we can continue to lead the change, and make a big impact bringing the best technology to Canada’s largest and fastest growing industry.

Our People

Behind every successful company is a team of great people. Here’s what our people have to say about working for us.

"I’m glad I joined Loadlink Technologies as the working environment in this company is great and I’m really enjoying working here. I hope I’ll be associated with this company for a long time."

"It’s truly refreshing to work for a leading transportation and technology company that welcomes women in positions of power and authority, and embraces women as decision makers, innovators and more."

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Loadlink Technologies is a growing business serving the Canadian transportation industry. We are the market leader in many of our lines of business, and while our business has evolved over time, we remain committed to providing technology solutions that generate operational efficiencies and increased profitability for our customers, and enjoy longstanding – plus... 

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