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27 077 $ par an
Below national average

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Not recommended

A job with minimal pay, no benefits, long hours and no personal reward. The reason for even considering and staying within the company was for the employees I hired and for the customer relations I built. District and office management rudely talk down to you.
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Great customers but lousy head office and no appreciation or chance of a raise.

I worked at shirt stop for 8 yrs... Over half of that time I was manager. I loved most customers that came in to my location as a lot of them were regular staff.. They become part of the family.. Head office however really didn't care, and over looked a lot of things. No appreciation of the staff, or even acknowledged their existence. No chance of raise even if you are there for 10 yrs as a cashier... Unless minimum wage goes up.. No benefits except for management.. Not even assistant managers. Pay for management also isn't the greatest as night shift made.. 25 cents less then I did. He was new .. Again I was there for 8 yrs. They changed our bonus structure once minimum wage went up.. And instead of being able to make up to $5000.00 quarterly it went to $750.00 quarterly and paid salary. No overtime pay as manager even if you work holidays... They expect you to live your life around what if something happens, and your DM is completely useless for helping out when you are stuck for staff.. I worked a 8 hr shift and had my night person call in saying they couldn't make it, I tried to get staff to cover with no luck, I called other stores and most managers were already gone and were to no help. I contacted my DM and her words were "well you better get some sleep then", so needless to say I was the one that worked the night shift after already working 10am til 6pm that day. When I brought up no appreciation of staff from head office, and no desire to give staff raises after they were with the company, my DM told me if I didn't like it maybe I should quit.. So, low and - 

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Some great customers

Points négatifs

No life to be allowed, poor head office, lousy attitude of DM, no chance of raise or benefits
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easy but dead end job

pretty easy place to work at but they want you to do a lot of extra things when not dealing with customers. no raises ever which is bull. you can get promoted to assistant manager and make like $0.25 more per hour and have to be on call when people don't show up, totally not worth it at all.

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