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Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 20 octobre 2022
Fun people but sub-par job
I have met some of my best friends at Little Burgundy but I honestly don't know how considering how competitive of an environment it is. Sales goals are super unrealistic and create a hostile work environment that doesn't really create an enjoyable space. You don't make commission so you're pretty much just trying to reach your sales goals just to keep your job. You're expected to jump on customers as soon as they walk in the door and if they don't buy anything you get questioned why. There's also a time over the holidays from November to January where you can't ask for any time off, even if the store is going to be overstaffed anyways.
Co-manager (Edmonton, AB)
le 7 octobre 2021
Just no.
The manager doesn’t delegate tasks to the rest of the management team then proceeds to complain about a lack of time and days off. Nothing you do will ever be good enough for the store manager and district manager. They like to dangle promotions over you and then never follow through. Overall not a good experience, very high turn over and no room to grow.
Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 21 mars 2021
Love the team but dislike unprofessional upper management
I loved all the friendships I made with my coworkers, and my manager and assistant manager were always supportive and welcoming. Compared to all of the other retail stores I've worked at, Little Burgundy was probably the best BECAUSE OF THE TEAM and I give 5 stars to the team. It never felt toxic until the higher ups for the company started to create such an unwelcoming atmosphere by giving us unrealistic goals to make during a pandemic. Traffic in the store was so much more slower because of the pandemic and this became difficult trying to make these goals. Despite going through a pandemic, the higher ups did not care to understand and started to force employees out by giving write ups if you didn't make these goals and eventually fire you. They would also demote you or not schedule you if they didn't like you. Most of the time, the higher ups did not praise our team for doing a good job and constantly pointed out what we didn't make or achieve. AND if you tried to ask for help on how to sell a handbag or shoecare, or whatever it was that you needed help with, you would get no support or advice at all. At the end of the day, the higher ups made it clear that they were going to get rid of many of us soon which became very stressful. Because of these unrealistic sales goals that were hard to make during this pandemic, we were considered "bad" employees. It's very clear that the higher ups don't care about the employees and only care about making sales.
Sales Rep (Edmonton, AB)
le 25 janvier 2017
Little Burgundy; My experience
The best job I have worked at is Little Burgundy. It was mainly about customer service and making sales, which I liked. A day at work would go by very quickly because the time would pass so fast you are always busy doing something; selling, cleaning, organizing and handling shipments. I am a type of person who likes to be busy. This job experience taught me a lot of different ways to sell merchandise, and how to use a sale pitch. The management was amazing and always made sure me and the other co-workers worked as a team, we all had good respect for each other. There wasn't really a hard part of this job, everything was always under control and organized in a systematic way. The most fun part of this job was customers letting you give your opinions on what was most suitable and achieving customer satisfactory with your right judgement.

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