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Assistant Manager (Montréal, QC)
le 2 août 2017
Bonne entreprise, bonne ambiance
Très bonne expérience. Il faut travailler dur pour y arriver
Assistant Manager (Calgary, AB)
le 3 novembre 2022
Fun Place to work if you are not management
This company is fun to work for if you are part time staff. As part time your job is just to sell, help with shipments and keep the store clean. Key holders and managers are over worked and under paid with upper management telling you can make more money in commission. Keep in mind you have other daily operations as a manager so selling sometimes gets passed on to the part time staff. Also be prepared to be “coached” if your team is not doing well as individuals in sales so say goodbye to your commission. Goals are unattainable and selling behaviours are ridiculous. The upper management will always tell you that there is room to grow but will never give you a raise unless you move up in management which does not happen unless a store manager or co manager leaves. Be prepared to make almost the same wage as a part time staff if you do not make commission as a Co-manager.Other problems with this company is that they expect you to have open availability. They call you in on your days off because stock or marketing materials does not arrive on time. Be prepared for the schedule to change at any moment because of all the delays. Work life balance is very difficult as a key holder. The best things about this job is that it is chill when you find the people you like working with, the 40% off discount on most products and the benefits as full time staff.
Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 20 octobre 2022
Fun people but sub-par job
I have met some of my best friends at Little Burgundy but I honestly don't know how considering how competitive of an environment it is. Sales goals are super unrealistic and create a hostile work environment that doesn't really create an enjoyable space. You don't make commission so you're pretty much just trying to reach your sales goals just to keep your job. You're expected to jump on customers as soon as they walk in the door and if they don't buy anything you get questioned why. There's also a time over the holidays from November to January where you can't ask for any time off, even if the store is going to be overstaffed anyways.
Sales Associate (Pointe-Claire, QC)
le 13 septembre 2022
fun place to work at
Fun place to work at. Great team. Good support from managers. Discount on items in store.Too much pressure on sales which can be stressful. They also expect you to close late and change the visual presentation of the store (which can take hours) and then come in the next morning.
Sales Associate (Nova Scotia)
le 11 septembre 2022
Too much pressure for a minimum wage job
This business pushes sales goals on their employees with zero commission unless you’re management. The only incentive for employees to reach their sales goal is the fact that they get graded every month on their sales. Which means truly the only incentive is to not lose your job. I was working 40-50 hours a week and they make you close the store and come in immediately the next morning. It’s just not worth it at all.

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