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    Likro Precision Ltd. is a privately owned company in operation since 1980, now located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in precision machining and sub-assembly work in the Aerospace / Defense industry with our strongest customer base across all of North America.

    We continue to seek motivated team members to grow with the company into the coming years.

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    CNC Machine Operator (Mississauga, ON)
    le 26 février 2020
    What you GET on starting pay STAYS the same for rest of you service duration unless you have negotiated as conditions

    During my interview I was asked about which shift I am comfortable with and I said Morning and Afternoon

    I am kept in WEEKLY ROTATING morning and afternoon shift which I found little inconvenient

    Workplace environment is good and coworkers are cooperative

    No pressure for production numbers but for Quality

    Tool and Die Apprentice (3150 Pepper Mill court)
    le 28 mai 2019
    Fun about aerospace industries

    It was very high demand work. Maintaining a steady pace and margin for mistakes was extremely minimal. Their expectation was to produce as many part with great number of accuracy. The parts were later sent to military for testing. Because this was military related work it was very concentrating and rewarding.

    Setup (Mississauga, ON)
    le 27 juillet 2018
    Zero advancement

    Company does not give advancement to employees.

    It's a family run company and only they get advancement and regular pay increase. A third son in law came to work with zero work experience in this trade and he is above workers that have been here for years.

    There are a select few favourites and the rest are expandable. Received one raise in 3 years.

    CNC Machinist (Mississauga, ON)
    le 1 novembre 2017
    Great Experience machining unique products

    I worked here for close to 13 years and had a good experience but due to personal reasons (not work related), I decided to pursue a different career. Starting salary and benefits were very good and I feel that I was given appropriate raises during my time there. A little disappointed that there weren't more team building activities (BBQ's, etc), but that started to get better by the time that I left. Also, I felt that turnover was starting to get more frequent, but I think that most of the ones that left seemed to be struggling to do the work. Good machinists will definitely have room to grow there - I learned a lot from when I started and was given the opportunity to work on different equipment.

    The product range was fascinating to work with. Like any machine shop, some were more difficult than others, but it generally felt good to know what projects we were working on. If were to ever get back into the industry, I wouldn't hesitate to go back there.

    CNC Machinist (Mississauga, ON)
    le 4 août 2016
    Horrible work environment

    Worked here for 5 years. Not appreciated at all. Promised a review every year at my first interview but after working for a few months all if the employees told me that there is never a review which turned out to be true. In 5 years only got a 50 cent raise. Management is incompetent and they really lack in leadership skill.

    I dont recommend this place at all unless you are happy with working for a company which just lies.

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