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Lieu de travail agréable
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Environment de travail agréable

Formation complèteSuperviseurs à l'écoute et humainsPossibilité d'évolutionFlexibilité
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minimal support and discriminatory management

Little room for growth due to the above mentioned reasons. I stayed here for longer than I should have as I was collecting my bcba hours during the time. Favouritism is provided to some employees over others.
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A Changing Work Environment

Overall, the workplace environment was good. I was placed in an area, unfortunately, in which there was a sudden influx of individuals promoted to manager positions... far too many than was necessary. This, unfortunately, did have a negative impact on the environment in my area. At the start, my position was ideal. However, there were some structural changes that resulted in the taking on of tasks that were essentially brain-dead data entry, and the removal of problem solving and analytical tasks. This became, without question, the hardest part of the job.The most enjoyable part of the job were the colleagues and clients I had the privilege of working with.
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Self-destructing company

Management keeps talking about company culture but at the same time it's rampant favoritism and hypocrisy. It's really a typical HR-led company; "we care about your opinions (as long as its the same as ours)" here, and "we care about your happiness (don't you dare not be entirely happy, it makes us look bad)" there. Hasn't improved since the recent acquisition. We're now pressured to give glowing review in our employee satisfaction survey under threat of losing our job. That's definitely cool and normal.
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  • Environnement favorable
  • Sentiment d'utilité
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Tâches stimulantes
  • Sentiment d'appartenance

Working at lifeworks has pros and cons some managers are respectful and culturally sensitive while others are not

I would work there if the salary was better and the mental wellness of the staff was as valuable to upper management as the clients clinicians serve.

Points positifs

They have a big name

Points négatifs

Staff is not appreciated enough
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Good people but not organized

Ive been working for lifeworks since 2021 and the people are great, I never felt pressured and this is wonderful. I also have the schedule I want and not much work to do.But since it was bought by telus i am starting to hate my job. Customers complains a LOT and schedules are not as flexible. Lots of changes are coming and I am not liking it. We are lying to customers.

Points positifs

Wonderful supervisors, not too much work to do

Points négatifs

Telus is ruining the company, disorganized in general, lots of unhappy customers
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very bad workplace

they say a lot of things before you get hired to make you want the job but change all that once you are hire.Don't go work there. only supervisor thinks about employees. and the training is very badly done. but the trainer is good

Points positifs

work at home

Points négatifs

everything else
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Really should not be seeking RPs

The offer seems great but once you are hired there is scattered support and they will work you back-to-back sessions even though they say you won't have to. You'll also technically be working outside of shifts to stay caught up on all mandatory meetings. Getting familiarized with the role includes duplication of training and there is little guidance to get you started. On-site management isn't great making access to the physical office site challenging.

Points positifs

attractive offer

Points négatifs

corporate culture for profit
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It was fine

Amazing co-workers. Always willing to lend a hand and helpful with training and work load. However, we where very under staffed and management kept increasing work loads with very tight deadlines. A lot of long days with no overtime pay.
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Started out great, but after the Telus buyout the organization’s culture changed negatively

As is public knowledge, Telus bought out LifeWorks in 2022. Prior to the buyout, I thoroughly enjoyed my work, my team, my management and the overall culture at LifeWorks - this time was the most enjoyable part of the job, I learned lots about clinical processes and interdepartmental communications. The negatives during this time were a lack of concise communication between departments (IT and HR were the worst offenders in the lack of cohesion among team members). After the Telus buyout, a fear-based environment took hold of the company. Managers and frontline workers alike did not feel the same sense of job security and satisfaction. Executives could not concretely promise that anyone’s jobs would be safe post acquisition which only added to the fear-based environment and frustration of longtime employees. (To clarify, when I say employees, that includes management and counselors too, as both parties have expressed their unhappiness with the direction the organization has taken the past year). In late 2022, many tenured, well-loved managers were let go from the organization with little regard for their psychological health. New supervisors and managers were brought in to fill the spaces of the managers who were let go, often giving half of the original manager’s salary to deal with the same workload. These new supervisors/managers were often unequipped to adequately support their teams which only led to further confusion and fear among team members; with this confusion came an even poorer communication level from IT and HR departments, who often missed crucial deadlines - 

Points positifs

Work from home/telecommuting, benefits.

Points négatifs

Lack of job security, communication, salary, and support from new management.
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Can be managed better

Expect to answer the phones nonstop from logging in to logging out. There is tons of training available but it is a very stressful job. The office culture is not warm, there is no sense of 'team' in the call center department.
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Great Environment

I enjoyed my time at Morneau Shepell. My manager and my coworkers were excellent. The office culture was fun and supportive. I had a number of opportunities to try new things.
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Manager at pension et avantages was horrible

Do not pay well but awesome benefits ! I had a horrible managers and supervisor who made a lot of people leave not educated and not respectful luckily they both ladies got fired one after the other.
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Looking for a new job

Unrealistic workload, caseload is high. Very low pay raises even when you have a good work performance. Understaffed but management has all kinds of excuse as to why they don't have the "budget" to hire more people, yet at the same time the managers get annual bonuses based on the hard work of the front line staff. You get the picture.
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Good team leads, but stat heavy

Upper management changed and all they seem to care about now is your stats. All team leads I've come across value your mental health a lot and are super flexible with your hours. The culture and overall mentality is very inclusive. Good new hire onboarding.
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An average company for a starting career

Depending on the team you get put on, you could either have a load of work or a load of free time. The manager is game-changer. Some are great to collaborate with and exchange ideas, and others are straight-up workaholics. The most enjoyable part of my stay at the company was definitely the team, but you aren't payed enough to fully care as an intern. Onboarding training was not fully representative of what you'd be doing in a work day and certain managers are too busy to check in on their team members or give them an extensive training. Not much support for when you start, did not have a buddy system on my team given the changes.

Points positifs

wonderful team, fun work, constant challenges, flexible work hours

Points négatifs

low pay compared to industry, not the best training and support for new employees
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They have good work life balance but salaries are low not competitive about other companies. But there are a lot of new thing to learn for a new gradua
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Great Team and Management

A great environment thrived due to strong collaboration between team members. I appreciated how management actively ensured employees felt acknowledged for their work.
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Poor management

Job is ok but it is repetitive and often stressful with the pressure to answer calls when it's busy. Management is poor with goal setting and places unrealistic demands
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Great work environment

The work was repetitive and not fullfilling. The salary was not competitive, but the work-life balance was great. I did not see growth opportunity which was the reason I left.
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