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Great way to start your career as MLA

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Pros:-Good start up career get experience for 2-3 years and apply in hospital-Great coworkers-Very helpful with new hires-Good training for new hiresCons:-Low salary
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Not an inclusive working environment

During my time, I saw odd and inane decisions being made and witnessed many people come and go.This is a place for unethical people to get ahead.If you want to keep your job @ Lifelabs, you realize it is in your best interests to stay quiet even when you see good people being mistreated. My compensation was competitive but I was sacrificing my well-being for decent pay.I left this company for the sake of my mental health. There are definitely better places to work.

Points positifs

Scratching my head

Points négatifs

Lack of employee support, fairness not valued, scapegoating as management method
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What is the best part of working at the company?There is nothing good about working for LifeLabs. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?A lot of work, too little staff. Work schedule is crazy and you will not get the support you need from supervisors. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It is toxic, unethical, abusive and overall a stressful work environment.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Clocking in before your shift and you are expected to work right away.
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Loved working there. Best place I ever worked for.

What is the best part of working at the company?Patient care is top priority. Employees are well compensated.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Hard to get the computer program.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Laid back but accurate. Non denominational and caring. Fast results. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Seems to fly by quickly. I liked all my fellow employees.
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The first time you were able and you had to do something about the situation you had with your family you had a hard life you were a hard life I know that you had a good time and I hope that you’re happy with what you’re going to
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Great time

I have wokred there for 2 year and the communication and workplace is great! Lifelabs finds great opportunities for their employees and although sometimes the job has long hours it is very exciting.
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Run. Only work at unionized locations ever.

This is by far the worst lab to work at. Management treats you with such indignity and disrespect. No breaks, overworked and underpaid. They only positive place is where this company has a Union. Terrible management! Fire the ceo already.

Points positifs

Union at some locations

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Very badly managed and employees are changing often,it like a raileay station...

When I was working there there was no union there ,but i don't think now is any better.No common sense in the management level, very rigid rules...A lot of mistakes occur because of it.
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This company does favoritism and takes revenge on its minority employees specially on vehicle and routeassignments, vacation approval also Paying more money to the 3PL than their own couriers.
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Overworked, no work life balance

The salary is attractive at first but the workload here is so much that you quickly realize the salary is not enough. There is no training or transition whatsoever and everyone is extremely busy to really help you out. The management also has so much on their plate that there's little time to help you figure something out. Accountability is severely lacking and there's always someone trying to blame another person. It is an extremely exhausting place to work. Timelines are set on top of one another so you're always working overtime. I have also worked during my sick days and vacation. Speaking to other people on the team, most are on the same page.

Points positifs

The team has good people

Points négatifs

The volume of work, tight deadlines make it impossible to keep up, figure it out on your own because noone is going to help you.
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Productive and fun place to work

My main role is accessioning and prepare the specimen for testing. I learned so many things about how laboratory operates and my attention to detail and organizing skills helped me a lot to perform my duties really well.I could not think of the hardest part of the job, because I can say that I can manage even if the workload is high.The most enjoyable part of the job is the people I work with and there is salary increase every year.Pay overtime

Points positifs

Salary Increase every year, Free coffee, Sometimes free lunch
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Amazing Team But Bad Management

My team is such a hard working team. The work goes undervalued and management sucks. Internal hiring is all based on seniority and if they like you or not.
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Easy yet fast paced job

The work was easy, but due to incompetent management and poor work culture, I found it difficult to work there. Management would often yell at employees and created a stressful environment. My time at lifelabs was short but according to long time employees the company has never been a good place to work at.
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Nice place to work.

The management is quite considerate to the employees, and there are a lot of overtime opportunities. There are also different training courses to choose from.
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So much happier now that I am out!

I really did enjoyed my position as a Lab Assistant, I learned a lot and gained many new skills. I did not find training was very good, Management does not make people accountable for their mistakes. Lots of hours but all afternoon shift. Always short staffed so lots of overtime if that's something you want. Large turn around at the lab people never stay long. It's a good place to learn the job but then move on!

Points positifs

good parking, holidays, benefits, busy job so time goes by fast.

Points négatifs

bad hours, large turn around of staff, no consequences for bad work ethic.
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Overall good experience

My colleagues are excellent, but the company doesn't provide training, I learned all by myself(well, one of my colleagues helped me a lot, thanks to him).

Points positifs

Not much workload

Points négatifs

No training
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Was a fun and great place to work... but now

too demanding at several PSC locations. Cadence / workload unbearable. No customer service any longer; get the customer in and out fast and don't let the seat cool. Management is very condescending and demeaning at times. All they care about is making productivity daily. Long waits at some appointment locations. Poor work life balance that could be made better as per the collective agreement. Feeling exhausted physically and mentally at the end of the day.

Points positifs

95% of the people I work with.

Points négatifs

Meeting productivity and working short staffed.
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Supervisor supports bullying

No room for growth. Amount of experience you have isn’t taken into consideration when apply for job postings. Supervisor has favourites in every location and makes it evident to all other employees, even to others in other departments speak about it. Work you to the point that you can’t go off the floor without consequences. Exceptions are unattainable. Weekly more work is put on workers. To their already existing unmanageable, unsustainable list of tasks to complete. Plus make sure you are never faltering on how many patients you serve every 30mins onto of the every growing list of things to do. No recognition only constant criticism by supervisor and staff. Micromanaging from staff members is encouraged by supervisor because they allow it to continue. They can’t keep floats because they over work them and never allow them time off (they work 6 days a week most times 10hour days). Are expected to be on call to go all over the place to different locations at anytime, with no exceptions. Will not work with you if you have another job (2 days) they expect you to only be loyal to them, your making a living for your family doesn’t matter to them. Toxic work environment created by supervisor supporting employees bad behaviours towards other staff. Trust me you can make better money somewhere else. Highly recommended you don’t work here.

Points positifs

One 15min paid break

Points négatifs

Overworked under paid, toxic work environment. Toxic supervisor
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exhausting but worth it

staff are easy to deal with and lots of benefits. salarybis ok. management is good amd supportive. the hardest part of the job is the workload and shortage of staff
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Good Flexibility

Good Flexibility ,free coffee is good , work from home benefit. Worked there on contract. Good management giving feedback and helping. No opportunity to grow
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Great place to work

Lifelabs is a great place to work to gain experience in this field. They trained very well and the management is really good. The salary is okay for starting but as gained more experience they will pay you really well.
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