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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Leon's Furniture?

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It's really two jobs, and they conflict. Be realistic and up front: if floor manager salary is 20% of income it should be 20% of your time and attention; however, if you are responsible for checking and signing sales bills, and closing sales, you have to make that all work while generating your own sales. In my opinion, it's a job that really should not exist. To make a living, you compete against the people that need you - whether they accept that or not - and you are busy selling at the busiest times. Times when staff need the greatest supervision.

Minimum wage $14, at werehouse of Leon's, which you have to work 40h a week for physically. 0 rate

Be more competitive with salaries and vacation time

Create a positive environment. Do reviews. Help each and your employees get better.
That goes a long way.

They needed to increase the pay as Sames Managers only made a small portion of what the sales staff made. I have heard that they addressed this issue and gave a pay increase to their management team

Follow FISH! Philosophy.

Aidez les candidats à découvrir l'entreprise tout en étant objectif(ve) et pertinent(e).
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