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Is the sales associate position commission only

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3% commission and you are in a hourly draw. If you don't make enough commission (deliver enough product in a pay period) to cover the hours you've worked then you will go into the draw.
For example: If you work $200 worth of hourly wage, but only deliver $100 worth of commissions than you will then owe the company $100.

They can not claw you back PAST the hourly wage you have earned.

Example: If you earned $200 in hourly wages they can not claw back(reduce) your pay any more than that.

Example: If your following pay cheque you worked $200 worth of hourly wage and you earned $300 in commission then they will reduce your pay back down to $200 and you will no longer be in the draw. The next pay cheque you will need to make more in commission then you would make in an hourly wage to prevent going back into the draw.

In my experience you should be out of the draw within the first 3 months and then you will be in the draw at least once a year after you've gotten into a groove due to the slow season (usually January- up until tax return time)

Yes, you get a commission or minimum wage, you get higher one, if you work hard, you get more than minimum wage by the way. some time you get good salary if you make a good sales.

Paid minimum wage plus low commission.

The sales position is 100% commission.

Yes, it is. You will get paid hourly minimum wage if you are not meeting your sales targets. But then you have to pay that back when you are making enough commission. If you do not meet your sales targets, you are fired after a warning.

Commission only, you get topped off with minimum wage if you dont make enough, but then have to pay it back if u make more later.

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