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Zippididoo (Dabbledeedee)
le 10 septembre 2020
From Love to Disappointment.
Let me preface this by saying I loved my job at LendCare. The work was to my speed, my colleagues were wonderful (miss them all), and I had a window view. I was always happy to take on new assignments, though they may have been stressful at times, and pleased to do menial tasks. However, due to the fact that as an Ontario employee I actually used my rightful time off (god forbid) which I am entitled to, and when the pandemic struck I chose the layoff option because, in truth, no job ever is worth my life (I had a lung infection at the time), my fathers life, or my future mother-in-laws life. Both of whom have severe asthma and COPD. Now it is known the heads of LC do not favour those who behave as human beings. Should you use the bathroom too frequently or use the entitled rightful time off you are given you will be chastised for it. And because I did this, and chose the layoff option as I didn't wish to risk lives during a pandemic, I was terminated under the guise of "no room being available", even though no one else in my department was let go. Choosing life over LendCare was my undoing. TL;DR, if you are a singular person with a severe thirst for money and no care for a personal life you will thrive here. If you're a normal human being, you will not. Again, this not meant to be a stab at particular person in charge, as I dont actually have a problem with any of my previous managers. This is meant as a jab to the obsession with perfection and numbers over people, and how disappointed I am in it.
Senior Pricing Analyst (Pickering, ON)
le 29 novembre 2021
Good place to work for. Lots of opportunities for growth
Good place to work for. Lots of opportunities for growth. But it is hard to achieve work and life balance here. Sometimes it could be very stressful, and has very tight deadline
Upsells (Pickering, ON)
le 10 octobre 2021
Lying Employees Need to Be Removed
Whoever has been in charge of managing the indeed reviews needs to be fired. This company had no reviews with a modest rating and ever since lendcare started offering "free" stuff to slow employees to write 5 star reviews the truth started coming out from everyone else. Trying to make a fake 5 star rating system backfired hard and only gave the company a bad look. For a company with managers who have removed employees because their image "Isn't a good look for the company" meaning since someone lied we're just going to just fire you without looking into it even if you're a useful employee, they do a good job of shooting themselves in the foot. Lendcare will fire usefull employees who know what they're doing for over emotional cry babies who want their own way even when it doesn't produce results like, Marketing, HR and Partner Support. Lendcare shot themselves in the foot by removing every long term tech person we had for kids who don't do ANYTHING. What happened to the manager who made the department work? Fired for no good reason just like everyone else even after being essential to work. The building doesn't work well without that guy. My manager, fired every female sales person with a more dominant personality than her even when they were top sales people. Criminal management from this company, nevermind the countless young women I would never allow to date my sons as they have no morals constantly lying for attention ans raises. Partner Support was behind me for months. Both the women they hired as so trashy. They harass men all the time yet their supervisor embraces it since he's always hiding makeup stains on his clothes from his wife. This company is toxic on purpose which is why they need to be shut dpwn by the government and have management including HR criminally charged.
Process Control Admin Assistant (Pickering, ON)
le 28 septembre 2021
Creepy Guy In The Office
The manager in the corner office isolated from everyone else is so weird. He never says hello to anyone excpet for the the supervisor from processing he's had an affair with for the past 5 years. That's why she's one of the only long term employees in the office with special privileges like not having to get a vaccine to come into work and working from home when she wants. This is the most dead end unfair job. Back stabbing employees who do nothing but gossip about the fake blond girl's social media she keeps posting inappropriate pictures for colleagues and family to see. I don't think she knows the kid with glasses in tech friended her on facebook and shared her private photos with the office when he hacked her account.
Entry level (Pickering, ON)
le 11 septembre 2021
Needs to get rid of the upper management and break old habits
They walk you into a boardroom, tell you what the job entails and what they have done/do, and boom you're offered to come work with them ASAP.On your first day, you won't have access to a computer so you'll be sitting beside someone who is expected to train you and they won't have enough time to properly train you your first day so it will likely take a few days. After that, there's a good chance you won't have access to everything you need to work unless you beg for it multiple times a day. It won't really speed up the process any however it can be understandable with how fast-paced the work can be.Depending on your team you may have some of the best people around you or the worst. I was lucky enough to work with a good team that wanted me to improve and was willing to go out of their way to help me improve. Employees that have been with the company for some time may only be secured by the fact that they have passed their probation and upper management can't come up with a good enough reason that won't have them in court.Upper management will flip flop on if you're damaging their business, a great worker, or scamming them throughout the week and will randomly accuse you of misdeeds whether you did them or not or you were instructed to by other staff. Upper management will be the death of this business as they choke every good employee out and scare people off enough that most don't make it past their first day.All processes at the company could be more efficient, which I personally believe is because of the upper management and the fact that they have created a nice glass ceiling for themselves that they refuse to breakthrough.

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