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Why would you want to work at Ledcor Industrial?

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Our work is challenging, we strive for continuous improvement and we support the communities we work in. We have TRUE BLUE spirit and an uncompromised commitment to each other. You will be part of something exceptional. Every member of our Ledcor team contributes and is part of our story.

22 mai 2020

Because of good services

Because it's appropriate

Ledcor LTS Solutions Ltd. Telecom division. Really messed up and mismanaged. You don't want to work for this circus

Great pay and benefits. There was a gentleman i worked with who had to get surgery so we did a 50/50 to raise money for his family while he was out of work. Ledcor is a family

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Hello good morning..i wnast to do work with urs team to learn new work skill and experience..for future.

I would be an asset and I can learn new skills hard worker quick learner responsible punctual

They are good employer,they treat worker with respect

Because person are treated with respect

Bcs this company inside many hard work and my body not need rest

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