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3,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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good place to be, good employees, secure and clean.

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good place to be, good employees, secure and clean. a great place to be when working, cool friends, you feel respected and nothing bothers you really, the work is good and not really tiring, also there are discounts.
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Freindly place to work

Very friendly and productive place. Manager is very gentle and not very demanding. Everyone helps eachother to accomplish their tasks. I would really recommend working here.
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I didn’t like this work

I feel like it’s not serious because everyone quit this job after less than 3 weeks and they don’t paid us enough to stay. Some staff are cool and nice to talk with.
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I liked working there , but the employer was not nice to the staff. He did not give us break that often and he was cheap with his employees. This job is good as a first one

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Fair pay
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An ideal first job for a student

This is a good first job for a student who's only looking to make some cash. The people there are nice and always respectful with you. The fun part of the job is that it is very collaborative, everybody works together.
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jean coutu

alright job , perfect for teenagers looking for a part-time job and everyone is really nice and are ready to train you well , i would reccomend to anyone who is looking for a job

Points négatifs

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Great job benefits

Good working place, great job benefits from the employer. Management is friendly and quite understanding when it comes to life outside the workplace. Do not hesitate to send your resumés if you have the chance.
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Clean work space, very up-to-date technologies to provide a better service and efficiency

Always a lot going around, always a lot of staff working it's really easy to create connections and ask for help.

Points positifs

Good coworkers- nice atmosphere

Points négatifs

Repetitive work
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Very rewarding and diversified

A typical day at work offers a wide selections of things to do. At Jean Coutu, there's always something that needs to be done. My favorite part of the job definitely has to be when I need to check the parcels in the system when the mailman comes. On the other hand, the thing I like the least is taking identity pictures for passports, health insurance cards or other things.

Points positifs

Paid breaks

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good People

The people are very welcoming, good environment. It's a good job if yo aren't wanting to do any physical activity/work. The job is repetitive, always the same task given. If you enjoy a proper routine and no physical effort, then it's a good choice.

Points positifs

Employee Discount & Flexible Shifts

Points négatifs

Repetitive & slow
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Average pharmacy, nice to work there part time

Nice place to work at, most of the cons comes from the fact that you do customer service and people are savage. The people I worked with were nice and helpful if I needed to switch a shift etc , changes could be made to the schedule and overall theres a nice teamwork
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Job review

It is such a nice preparation for future jobs that are more serious. I worked there as a clerk first and I got promoted fast as a supervisor because I did my job very well. They are not afraid to tell you if you have points to ameliorate in a nice, professional way and to congratulate you for your job. The tasks are always super clear. I wouldn't about working at the lab though but the employees all have a positive energy. Great team.

Points positifs

Great management

Points négatifs

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Fun place to work

Worked at Jean Coutu as a sale's clerk, stocking shelves,pricing, making sure facings were done at end of shift, taking telephone orders for house deliveries and helping at the prescription counter.
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fun place to work, people are nice

i learned how the register worked. my days were good sometimes there wasn'T a lot of people so i would say that this was the hardest part because you have nothing to do when all your tasks are done. my collegues were good, they helped me a lot in the beginning.

Points positifs

15% off your purchases
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Friendly environment

Friendly coworkers as well as managers. Low salary with little hope for advancement. Not very stressful. No health benefits. Great starting point for young and inexperienced workers.
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Great experience

During the day you had to keep the store well and if it was order arrival day you had to put the products on the shelves in the store. During the evening you had to mainly do facing and help the clients if they needed anything. I learned how to greet clients, how to put products away and do facing. I also learned how to work a cash register.
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People working there are amazing and fun

I had an amazing time working there but I had to leave this job for reasons that can be asked me in person. I'm an enthusiastic person and always smile and have a lot of energy
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Friendly environment and flexible hours

Was a great learning experience with friendly hours while i was in school. Work was very repetitive and not stimulating enough but great job for a student

Points positifs

hours were great for student, friendly staff

Points négatifs

repetitive, not challenging .
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fun place not to hard

check all the display make sure they are full then there a list of things to do in a typical day and you just follow the list and check what you do along the way.
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80% good not allowed to discribe more, signed none disclosure form

Young energetic staff.Most were hard workers.Clients were wonderful to serve.80% good not allowed to describe more, signed none disclosure form.

Points positifs

being with variety of clients

Points négatifs

hours frequently changed at short notice, some discrimination
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Motivating atmosphere

Good first job, provided me with first hand experience of what a typical workplace looks like. Dealing with clients can be difficult at times, but it was definitely manageable.
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