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Cashier31 avis
Canada31 avis

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3,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Low Salary

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Minimum wage. I do not believe there were any benefits for part-time employees. My other co-workers were amazing, management not so much (at least in the store I worked in). The job is easy, but management will stress you out for little things.Have to work many hours before getting a very small raise.Honestly felt like I wasted my time working here, but at least I got paid for my time.Good if you are just looking for a flexible part-time job while going to school though.
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Nice work environment

Good work ethic, the environment was nice and respectful. The people I worked with valued collaboration and good teamwork. I've learned a lot while working there.
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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Sentiment d'utilité
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Sentiment d'appartenance
  • Absence de stress

Co-workers and ambiance

People that work there are almost all snob. Its really difficult when it comes to asking for help because you look like a dumb person if you ask too much questions. Its hard to start a new job and you don`t feel like you belong with them because your shy and they are already in little ``gangs``.

Points positifs

1 hour lunch

Points négatifs

some co-workers
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Fast-paced and excellent first job for customer service experience

A typical day at work consisted of serving patients their prescriptions, explaining certain technicalities regarding their insurance policy, classification of prescriptions and tidying the laboratory and waiting room. Very warm and welcoming workplace culture.
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good job for those that does not have any work experience yet

relax, fast paced job normal hours , flexible hours depending on the pharmacy very nice staff, usually young friendly staff depending on the pharmacy, some have good management / some does not
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fast paced and stressful environment

Working in the laboratory at a pharmacy is not a soft job. Its always busy and people are impatient. If you love working efficiently and being productive, its a perfect challenge. Although, the salary is not what it should be. A lot of task and customer care.
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Great work place. Great culture. I worked as a cashier in the laboratory. People are not competitive at all. Stressful cause there’s a lot of patients but great overall
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Decent job, but not a lifetime job (for me).

Unfortunately very underpaid for the amount of work done - but great insurance, and decent schedule stability. Not much advancement possible, and since the majority of employees are under 25, it mostly feels like a kindergarden class.
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Enjoyble plave to work, same clients very often

Overall I liked working there, the manager was super understandable and flexible. The work place had always a nice vibe and service was quick. Something bad is that some coworkers will never show on time and I ended up leaven later often.
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Fun place to work. Nice way to do the schedule, NIce
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A student's experience

I was a cashier first, and after almost no formation was promoted to technician in the laboratory. It was a very stressful job and had no compassion for student's schedule. Though sometimes we had fun, and talked, it was a very intense job

Points positifs

one hour lunch

Points négatifs

long hours, stressful, never sit
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its the perfect job for students, I love how the staff really get involved with there employees. good hours and good crew. if you're a student looking for a small part-time job, this is perfect
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Amazing workplace

Great employees, productive store. Make everything look good and place all new packages. Take passport pictures as well as medical card. Use the cash and lottery machine.
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Fun to work

I learned how to use the cash, how to sell lotteries. Great as a first job. Breaks length were good. A bit of management issues, but other than that, great place to work at.
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Fantastic Environment

I loved working here. It was a really good job because I got to learn and improve my communication skills. I loved working with my coworkers. The store was clean and the hours were flexible for me to attend school and work at the same time.

Points positifs

the hours were flexible

Points négatifs

Saturday evenings no customers came in
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okay place

not the best only good because of flexible hours for a student job. not a hard job to learn manager not always the best you learn a lot about the products
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fun place to work at

the people you work with are very welcoming and nice. Every thing is pretty straight forward just working the cash, lotto machine and public transit. Not as much benefits for part timers
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Bad Hours

Workplace was not great; customers were always incredibly rude and hard to deal with. Store policy was not great for dealing with them so all the blame usually fell on employees.
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good job

very good company to work with, good advantages and well management
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Great place to work! People are nice Good management Good environment No problem there and everything was fine Place to learn many thing and meet great people
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Fun workplace

I was a cashier for most days but was able to be floor clerk when we had a full staff. I find it more fun to be a floor clerk because I was able to be more on my feet and were able to work with the rest of the staff on stocking the shelves. As a cashier, we were the ones greeting the customers and serving them. The staff was really great which made the job more enjoyable.
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