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Fun place to work

Its good place to work. Not a lot of hours if you get hired in small stores. But its fun to know about products and everything. It was goot to get to know a lot of people

Points positifs

Break time in 4 hour shift

Points négatifs

Less hours for newly hires
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It's not as good as it was

The whole company has changed and not for the better. Management doesn't care about frontline staff. They squeeze the work out of you and always expect you to do more with less and break your body for them. Metrics that you are measured on are out of your control and are relied upon the public to attain
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Great place to work

Great place been there 4yrs. Lots needs to be fixed. Too much considered entitlement. Management is great. Hiring should be taken better into consideration.
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Stressful and uncomfortable place to work.

The position has declined in the almost 20 years I have been there. Management are aggressive and bullying. A lot of favouritism for those willing to be brown nosers. No longer a team spirit. Management likes to tear apart any sense of that. Not an enjoyable place to work anymore. So many people off on stress leave. They can’t even get a break then. Lcbo has an outside company to harass them, as doctors medical opinions no longer mean anything to them. You are just a number.

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Points négatifs

Management from the top down.
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Great atmosphere

I enjoyed working here. Staff was good and hours were plentiful. I would consider working there again. New hire gets mostly the afternoon shift and weekends and holidays
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Would like to return

What is the best part of working at the company?comraderie, inventory, customer contactWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?knowing your inventory well enough to help customers find the right productWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?positive - generally team-based and collaborativeWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?stock shelves, work at the cash, assist customers
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Good place to work

Good hours , nice colleagues, good location, good training, good salary, good managers, good clients, varied tasks, learning environment, no benefits,
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Inconsistent Management

Worked at multiple locations. Some managers were nice, thoughtful and accommodating whereas others were rude and inconsiderate. Overall would recommend but try to find a store that is a good fit for you
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Bad experience

Unfortunately the experience I had while working in the receiving department was unprofessional. The head Dock receiver was aggressive, condescending, and rude. For someone that is hardworking and just want to work and go home with no added stress; in my experience this would not be the place for you.
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Used to be a great place . Not anymore

I have worked at the lcbo for over 10 years and it has changed . In the last 10 years we have only been given 8 percent in raises . Now we employ mostly fixed term employees who are promised the world but only get minimum wage. They will never get full time and get layed off all the time . When I started people had to retire for you to get in . Now we are hiring all the time because no one stays . In the next contract they want us to take a 10 percent pay ✂️. This is no longer a job for life . Not even a good job.

Points positifs

My check has never bounced

Points négatifs

Have to have 2 jobs to live . Haven't seen a reel pay raise in years .
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Easy Going

Good start pay, easy to get hours. Pay gets better very quickly. Just issues with the type of clientele depending on location. As well the movement of management constantly is annoying. But part timers can get benefits after 5 years.
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Good job

Good job! Pay is higher than minimum wage. However, it is micro managed. The people that have been there for years get the better shifts and are often the laziest
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Work at LCBO

I initially had high hopes for LCBO, but over time, I came to realize that it wasn’t the ideal place for professional growth. It seemed that many individuals were primarily focused on utilizing taxpayer funds, with little regard for other objectives. Additionally, I found that senior management was quick to sacrifice employees for their own success.
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It isn't all bad

12 years of my life spent here. Mixed feelings but it's gone downhill over time. Excellent pay and benefits if you stick it out long term and make it to full time. (Takes at least a decade.) Life as a casual is sporadic shifts, mostly nights and weekends. Customer base varies from store to store. A lot of it depends on location and specific Manager. Head office doesn't care to address much and neither do the District Managers.
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Mediocre experience

Pay is above minimum and the work is simple. Be prepared to deal with rude, entitled customers, as well as drunks and thieves. Also, the company will play around with you, don’t expect a full time position because realistically it won’t happen unless you waste more than 5 years at this dump.
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Casual temp work

It’s temp casual. You only work when the full timers want time off Work every holiday. You pay union dues but have no clue what it benefits the workers Wage is mediocre Tastings are funLearned lots about different products Lots of online training prior to starting your shift

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Casual not very many hours no room for advancement at all
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Far too low salary for what I did. People are nice but no balance for work recognition!

It is a poor place to work. Effort doesn’t earn! Low pay for risks taken. If you want to work 25 years to gradually make $25 an hour go for it. I enjoyed the worker but not the ethic. Good luck!

Points négatifs

Low pay. No recognition for the effort.
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Not a very well compensated job.

The most enjoyable part of the job is dealing with the customer, and yet it can be the most stressful part of the job.Unfortunately the LCBO is a government run establishment that pretends to know about retailing, costumer service and sales.Management(middle to upper, not store management)does not take constructive criticisms well nor advise. As Store Management from what I could phaethon could not waver from from LCBO model.It can be very physical and is very repetitive and comes with a lot of responsible when dealing with costumes for the pay.In my opinion the amount of compensation one receives doesn’t come close to the amount of responsibility and physical work load, a very poor paying job. My family and friends were shock with the compensation package I received. The LCBO has a false reputation of being a great place to work. Definitely not a career job.

Points positifs

I can’t think of any

Points négatifs

The lack of experience in sales, marketing, logistics and Ergonomics for employees to prevent injury is glaring.
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Work here if you enjoy stocking and talking to customers on the dusky. Unionized and get benefits only if you’re full time but besides that you’ll be ok.
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Boring, challenging, repetitive work

With the multi millions in revenue yearly, high volumes of customer transactions, at end of day if short in cash till you must pay a difference. When there is high levels of customers and employees are needed on cash, there is nobody virtually to continue stocking products or attend to customers on floor or on phone or to deal with situations that arise thefts, bottle breakages, etc. Learning modules are provided for certain employees but rarely are you able to put into practice as business comes first, situations may not arise, seniority, etc.

Points positifs

If lucky may get to try some samples of various products

Points négatifs

Only 15 min breaks for exhausting, boring/challenging, repetitive work
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