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Do casual employees get any benefits?

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Only after 5 years of employment and working a certain amount of hours within the year prior

No benefits, a percentage in lieu of benefits given on each pay...and it’s not much.

No they don't. You have to work there for minimum of 3 months.

No but we get the option to buy into a pension

Casual employees can apply for benefits once they reach 1500 hours a year. Some employees have waited 5+ years in doing so depending on seniority at store placements. Pensions can be paid into once probation time is completed. Sundays are a regular working day so there are no longer time and half wages to compensate for fewer working hours if one is lower in seniority. 80 % of staffing is casual part-time.

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Casual employees do get benefits, not nearly as good as a full-time employees.

Sundays time and a half. Pension plan

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