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On the surface this looks like a great position, you can set your own schedule, paid benefits etc.

After you start you find out this is not the case. Yes you can set your own schedule but with restrictions. You must work 40hrs per week, but you are not given the stores to do this and then you need to justify why you didn't work 40hrs when you were not give 40hrs of stores to do.

The company has benefits, that are terrible. They pay for them but they really cover nothing and are not worth it at all. And there is no option to increase the coverage levels or add even basic coverage for things like glasses/eyecare.

They tell you they have retirement/ pension plans. Yes they do only for US employees. Not in Canada at all.

The training they provide is good but once you are in the field you are not given the supplies you need to complete your stores.

Management likes to micromanage everything that you do and claim they are always there to support you. Then when you are in a store looking for assistance they are not available to assist you.
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management, benefits, micro management
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Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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Had a tough experience with this company.
The initial interviewer stated that milage paid FROM HOME for this position.

The second interviewer says, milage paid after 'initial commute" of from what I could understand from the slurring, 40 or 48 kms for day.

Well here 40 kms is unheard of, most people commute under 5 kms, we're not toronto or vancouver. I countered with a realistic 20 kms, which is still 15 kms more than required in this city but am not holding my breath waiting for a reply.

Essentially at what is offerred, you would find yourself driving all day and never exceed the 'commute" ie :the driving is all on you, yep we're all idiots out here and that sounds great, financing your company with free milage and vehicle usage....especially at -20 or more...

All in all a very discouraging experience from what I was given to believed as a real job, going in. Who can afford to lend out their car and driving time for free to pad a cheap employers' bottom line. That's more usury than employment.
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independent 'styled" work
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the above
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