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À propos de l'entreprise

  • Date de création
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    1 001 à 5 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    moins de 1 million de dollars (USD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Hôpitaux et cliniques
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Guest Engagement Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 17 novembre 2021
Customers treat you poorly and Corprate doesn't give you reasources
If you like movies the job can be rewarding. My experience was with one aging theatre that was a low priority for a company trying to rapidly expand in a struggling industry.I'm not sure I would work for a big chain again but the job could be fun sometimes. I still love theatres and the projection booth feels a little magical.The theatre I worked at had broken everything, my managers did what they could but without resources they were as demoralized as the staff.I heard that it was different at the newer locations, but the company seemed to be letting ours die a slow death.It's hard to care when you're given garbage bags that fall apart, 5 minutes to clean a packed theatre on your own, and constant technical breakdowns to apologize to customers about.We had one theatre boiling while another was freezing and it was a frequent issue that we were dealing with. For a while our water was always hot, even the cold water.On really busy nights the drink machines would overheat and stop carbonating the drinks. These were maintained by Coca-Cola so there wasn't much we could do about it. Customers would go to the machine and receive hot flat pop without ice.I put in a repair request for a toilet seat when I started. All it needed was a nut and bolt to keep the seat on, over a year later and multiple requests and the parts never came.It took over a month to get a work shirt in my size, that was the only one I got. I worked 4 days a week. Again I worked there over a year.We had regulars that we knew not to leave alone with female staff.To make things better, when they reopened they didn't call any of the old staff. So they're really not too caring about their workers.
Cast Member (Port Alberni, BC)
le 28 octobre 2021
Fun atmosphere to work
Landmark Cinemas is a great place to work especially for those getting their first job. The atmosphere makes it a fun place to work it's easy to get along with everyone.
Cast Member/ Concession/Usher (New Westminster, BC)
le 25 octobre 2021
Fun workplace for a part-time student but too tiring for closing shifts. This job shouldn't be minimum wage
Worked here for about 2-3 years and I liked it most of the time. Great management team, flexible with your schedule unless ur new - in which case, they require you to work 3 days minimum & anything less than that, they take away your cast card which is the primary reason you want to continue working for this company. The cast card can get you free movies plus one, and discounted concession. If you're new, they might schedule you for closing concession most of your first shifts as those are the probably the worst shifts - you have to clean everything from the poppers, hot dog machines, wash the dishes, mop the concession floors at the end of the night, and you might be staying there til 12-12:30 am if you're not fast enough in closing. Thus, it can be very tiring to work closing concessions.Since I've been working there for a while, they mostly schedule me for opening shifts and those shifts are way better than late night shifts as they are less stressful. If you're opening concession, you get to open the concession bar and you pretty much just prep the whole day for the night shift people like making nachos, restocking candies, etc. If you're opening usher, then it's even more chill as you get to just turn on the TVs, open theater doors, check theaters, and wait for theaters to get out so you can clean them.This job location which is right next to a skytrain station is also very sketchy as I've seen a bunch of drug addicts or homeless people staying in the staircases which are your only way of getting to the staff room since the staff room is located upstairs. The managers have to call in the security often and we end up taking elevator keys to go to the staff room instead.Honestly, it's a minimum wage job but the job requires you to do much more that it's not worth to be a minimum job. For example, you're doing all three - customer service, food industry, and you're even doing janitor jobs to clean theaters! One time, they had to lay off the janitors who clean the theaters at night because they couldnt afford to keep them (during COVID) so we, their employees, had to do their jobs and stay in later for cleaning shifts. The worse thing about that is they just expected their employees to do the extra cleaning/late-night shifts without any compensation or pay raises. (The janitors make more than minimum and we did their jobs but we only made minimum) Other than that, if you get to be a senior staff member, it's a chill job as they try to accommodate to your schedule and it could be a fun working environment at times.
Cast Member (Regina, SK)
le 17 septembre 2021
good job if you want to work there for 2 weeks
management is all over the place. all of them hate each other and none of them are on the same wavelength. zero communication and they favour the older staff and give shifts to the people they like not because they work better.
Part-time cast member (Bolton, ON)
le 13 mai 2021
Great workplace with great perks
Definitely the most fun job I have had. I had great co-workers and managers. Could be extremely busy at times, but I enjoyed the fast-paced environment. Great perks like free movies and inexpensive popcorn. Th only thing I had to get used to was very late nights on weekends and school nights.

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I applied for experience manager position. It was a telephone interview. Lasted about 20-25 minutes. They asked me how I thought my previous work experience matched the role? and what approach I would take towards people management? I was also asked if I was comfortable working until 11pm. I have to wait now a day or so before they decide to offer me or not a second interview which would be virtual one. Fingers crossed 🤞

Publié le 21 mai 2021

Initially we started with a group interview where we built with legos a certain film character . In my opinion this exercise really helped ease the nerves and help you realize its a very realxed interview. They asked when was a time where you went out of your way to help someone, what are good qualities that make up a worker (tha you posses) , what accomplishment are you most proud of / what obstacles did you have to face . I ended up getting the job and overall it was a very easy experience. Be confident! You got this

Publié le 13 novembre 2019

Stereotypical interview questions

Publié le 29 août 2018
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